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OACAS Treats Parliament

May 16, 2011 permalink

Today the OACAS sponsored a meeting between the executive directors of Ontario's children's aid societies and the elected members of the provincial parliament. A small group assembled in protest outside, and two reporters were able to photograph and report from inside the gathering. We have their picture album and written report:

What was very disturbing was the number of MPP’s rubbing shoulders with the Executive Directors of the 53 CAS’s and accepting lunch on behalf of the OACAS. This would be no different than another private company such as McDonalds coming to Queens Park and serving lunch to the MPP’s. The amount of money wasted by the OACAS just to try to smoosh the Government of Ontario cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars today. Kelly Mackin was one of the protesters we spoke with outside of Queens Park today, “ There have been 3 convicted child molesters in 13 months and 1 current model foster parent accused in 6 sexual offences in Ontario. Where did they get the money for an extravagant lunch and what is this luncheon all about?