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Needless Adoption

May 7, 2011 permalink

An adopted girl now grown tells of her childhood in CAS and adoptive care.



Kimberly Anne McArthur Everett

Hamilton Wentworth Children's Aid Society handled my adoption -Feedback please

I was adopted in the late 70's to a physically and emotionally abusive mother. As an adult I found both sides of my biological family and got the full story of the circumstances around my adoption. My biological mother was ill and hospitalized quite frequently and I was put into "care" during her hospitalizations. After a while the CAS took over- appearantly if a child is in "care" for a certain amount of time they take custody. Both sides of my biological family wanted to take me as their own and would have given me a loving happy home. They were denied by CAS.

I only remember seeing a CAS worker once after my adoption and I wasn't even asked how I was. My adoptive mother's family even expressed concerns about her abilty to parent, which went ignored by CAS.

Only once during my childhood did I dare to expose my abusive home life to some one else, a teacher, who immediately called my mother.....ONLY! I need not get into the repercussions of this, needless to say I never told anyone else.

I seriously feel that Hamilton Wentworth Children's Aid Society let me down as a small child and failed to provide protection to me. In fact they enabled the abuse. I wish to sue them. I am not sure if this is possible as so much time has passed and even if records of my life with my biological family are even existant. As well, I now live in Nova Scotia. Can anyone tell me what my legal rights are for this scenario?

Source: Facebook