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Toronto Rally

April 4, 2011 permalink

Here is a report on today's rally in Toronto. MPP Rosario Marchese, sponsor of bill 131, was one of the speakers.

Catherine Frei Great rally and march today, no surprise that the Ministry of Child and Youth Services not only didn't let us into their office but locked all the doors to a 20 storey building. Why??? All we wanted to do was inquire about the welfare of children and youth in their care...hmhmhm. Rosario showed up, watched him challenge during question period in Legislature - job well done! Bill gets 2nd reading May 5th.

Source: Facebook

Addendum: Later in the day several demonstrators went to the Ontario Legislature where Rosario Marchese questioned Minister of Children and Youth Services Laurel Broten about ombudsman oversight (mp4).

Source: Facebook, Neil Haskett

What happened when a group tried to visit the Minister? The ministry staff blocked the door and called security. Photo and first video second video (both mp4).

Here are other photos of the rally [speaker Rosario Marchese] [Brian Caldwell and Chris Carter speak to reporter] [outside ministry] and a video produced by Vawn Smith (mp4).

closed door