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There for You!

March 3, 2011 permalink

Hastings CAS executive director Len Kennedy declares that social workers are there for you!



'Social workers are there for you'

The theme for this year's National Social Work week is 'social workers are there for you'.

During the first week of March the Children's Aid Society (CAS) recognize the achievements and contributions made by social workers across Ontario through the National Social Work week.

"This theme was chosen by the Association in order to highlight the prominent role that social workers play in the provision of services to people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds in every community," said Len Kennedy, executive director of the Hastings Children's Aid Society.

Social workers are a vitally important group at Hastings CAS.

"Each day they make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children and their families and it is through their efforts that our community is strengthened", said Kennedy.

At the HCAS, social workers operate in a wide variety of areas, including as front-line practitioners, supervisors and managers. These caring staff members assist a broad variety of individuals overcome obstacles that may prevent them from leading positive and productive lives.

"Social workers are indeed 'there for you' when you need them," added Kennedy.

"During this first week of March, we honour our employees who have chosen social work as their career of choice and we salute their efforts on behalf of all of the children, youth and families we serve", Kennedy added.

Comments on this Article.

Wolves in sheep's clothing! Most workers are not registered or suspended social workers because CAS began the practice of using the title "Child Protection Worker" and not using their titles social worker, social service worker, registered social worker or registered social service worker with the sole purpose of preventing accountability under the Social Work and Social Service Work Act (1998) that's main interest was to protect public safety.

Social Workers? As far as I know the vast majority of Child protection workers are not registered social workers and if fact many of them do not even have social work backgrounds. Perhaps Hastings CAS needs someone from the community to make an inquiry to the College of social work to see just how many of their staff are registered social workers. I know that out of the hundreds of employees in the Waterloo Region (that includes Cambridge as well) there are only 23 registered social workers, these numbers are a reflection of most CAS's across the province.

These agencies really need to stop misleading that public and using the media as their tool in doing so. Mr. Kennedy knows full well that his agency takes functioning families everyday and by the time his unregistered workers are done with them they do not function at all and have been ripped apart!

Untrue, I am a mother of three, a grandmother of four, a Registered Social Service Worker, with a Justice Studies background, and CAS Belleville won't even consider my application. They want a BSW at minimum, and I can forget about them considering my 30+ years of raising children and being an active grandparent. The part about tearing families apart, untrue, families tear families apart, every day in every city.

FYI - The Ontario College of Certified Social Workers is a VOLUNTARY organization that you have to pay big bucks to join. While it claims to have a set of priciples guiding social workers' conduct, the disciplinary part is weak. I have never known of one social worker who was refused certification or had thier certification pulled. Even if it WAs pulled, that does nothing to stoip anyone from working in the field. I have a BSW and 24 years of child welfare under my belt and I have not been registered with the college since 1988. And I would say I am a far better worker than some registered workers.

"Social workers are there to help you" (find misery and despair as they destroy your family and wreck your life).

FYI- being certified is not VOLUNTARY .. it is MANDATORY! This is the huge problem that today's families are facing .. unregistered & unaccountable workers bending the laws to their favour at will. You don't have to pay BIG BUCKS, you pay an appropriate and regulated fee to claim your 'professional' status as do doctors, nurses, teachers, etc... it is absurd to think that social workers aren't required to be registered. It only promotes unaccountability. If you are a better worker than most, then you would know this and you would subsequently be a registered worker. Anyone practicing social work without being registered is in direct violation of the law as per the SSW ACT of 1998 (google it)..

"46. (1) No person except a registered social worker shall use the English title “social worker” or “registered social worker” or the French title “travailleur social” or “travailleur social inscrit” or an abbreviation of any of those titles to represent expressly or by implication that he or she is a social worker or registered social worker. 1998, c. 31, s. 46 (1)."

Now.. the sneaky dirty little trick that's being employed by workers wishing to break the law & remain unaccountable for their actions is to call them selves Child Protection Worker ...

Well, as defined in the Child and Family Services Act 1990 (again google it) a child protection worker is this :

"37. (1) In this Part,“child protection worker” means a Director, a local director or a person authorized by a Director or local director for the purposes of section 40 (commencing child protection proceedings)"...the purpose of section 40 says (too long to post) that the duty of a child protection worker is to immediately protect that child, take them to a place of safety & their duty ends there!!!!!! NO SOCIAL WORK INVOLVED. Argue all you like, the laws are as plain as the nose on your face & you choose to break them & violate the families you 'serve'.

AND TO KASE11: Not all families are innocent, however, the majority of child abuse is happening at the hands of you paid workers who go in with your own opinions and tear families apart because YOU CAN .. then you throw the kids in foster homes that are worse then the home the child was removed from (but justified with lack of funds/staff), all ties are cut with the family, the child gets medicated to shut up..the parents get threatened with jail and other serious consequences, then when the kid turns 16 you dump him on the side of the road with a few bucks (no education from being moved around so much, no love in his heart from the lies he's been told and the pain he's endured, no skills for the real world, etc.) and you wish him good luck..only to see him beggin the corner 5 years later as a result of all the awesome help you delivered..NOT! All the while, you walk around feeling superior and enjoying the power trip while you pay your bills with the money earned from a child's suffering... you are one of those is obvious with your statement "families tear families apart" .. get a grip..educate yourself beyond what you "want to know"...but you don't want to know,do you? You'd like this facade to go on and the accountability to remain so you can keep feeding.

As for the good workers out there, you are few and far between, but much appreciated as we do need an effective child protection system! If you are a worker of good faith, I can't tell you how important it will be to you to seek registration with the college of social workers, it is in your best interest! Also, a note of thanks to the workers who are finally standing up and speaking out about the high rate of child abuse committed by the CAS itself and the corruption with in the is going to make a difference!

There are some "miracles" out there that CAS has helped & they will defend CAS till the end..I'm glad CAS was of value to these people and that society stepped up to help (as should always be the case) ..unfortunately this is not the case for the majority of children/families involved with the CAS. Sad but true. The incline of children dying in care is alarming and maddening while workers keep filling up the foster homes.. something needs to give in the name of the child!

Source: Belleville Intelligencer

Erring on the side of the child