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Let Mom Starve

September 24, 2010 permalink

A widow in Washington state raising two children on her husband's social security benefits lost her children to the state's child protectors. When the children went, the social security benefits were transferred to the apprehending agency, leaving the widow penniless.



How Do You Think The Kids Are Feeling Right Now?

Dear Ms. Roach,

I am borrowing a friends computer, so please do not respond to this email address. I would appreciate a response at, thanks.

On October 28, 2009, I took my daughter to the doctor at Children's Hospital for flu like symptoms. Upon weighing her and doing some blood work, I was informed that my daughter was suffering from malnutrition and her and my son were removed from my custody and placed in foster care.

When this action occurred I lost ALL income as they are receiving Social Security compensation due to my husband's death in July of 2004.

I have had my phone shut off, my electric may soon be shut off and I am over $2,000.00 behind on my lot space rent so may also be losing my home in the very near future.

I have tried every agency I know to try to get some help. I am scared because if I lose my home, I will also lose my kids.

Is there anything you can suggest for me to do, or someone that can give me a direction to save my home and my family.

I don't think I would be able to mentally or emotionally maintain employment. I am scared, alone, and I miss my children.

Is there something that can be done? Is there someone I can contact? I really am at my wits end as I have tried every available agency I personally know of to get help for this situation.



Source: Pam Roach blog September 24, 2010