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Outlaw CAS Lobbying

October 28, 2010 permalink

John Dunn reports on a bill to end lobbying paid out of appropriated funds. If passed, it would end lobbying by the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (OACAS).



Bill 122 - Prevents CAS's Using OACAS to Lobby Government with Public Monies

Bill 122 in the Ontario Legislature will prevent the Children's Aid Societies from using public funds to lobby governments. This includes Ministry Allocated Transfer Payment Funds which are supposed to go to Child Protection Services from being used as membership fees in the OACAS.

Currently the Societies across Ontario pay approximately 3 Million dollars a year in Ministry Allocated Transfer Payment Funds for membership with the OACAS, which is a registered Lobby group, which lobbies the Government for public funds.

Something which, if Bill 122 (Bill 122, An Act to increase the financial accountability of organizations in the broader public sector) is passed, will become an offence, which regular citizens can press charges similar to the charges pressed by John Dunn for a Society contravening section 307 (5) of their governing legislation, the Corporations Act.

MPP France Gelinas said in the Legislature (Wed, Oct 27, 2010) the following:

"So we have Bill 122. What is in the bill is that the broader public sector organizations—these are fancy words that mean hospitals, universities, local health integration networks: agencies that receive money from the government. They also include.." "... children’s aid societies, school boards, and every organization that received more than $10 million in public funds in the previous year. We call them the broader public sector organizations. It’s all of them. Those organizations will be prohibited from using public funds to hire lobbyists with that money."

Read Bill 122 here:

Learn the Status here:

Source: Foster Care News, John Dunn