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October 21, 2010 permalink

Washington state senator Pam Roach reports that parents Ed and Louise Parks have been barred by the courts from referring to themselves as the "real family" of their seized niece.



WA CPS Unrestrained...Another Saga

To all that may be concerned:

I'm writing today as a concerned citizen. I'm concerned for our family and yours. This could be you. In Aug. 2008, Washington State legally kidnapped my niece. I've been fighting for 2 long years to bring her home.

At our last court hearing the state said, "THE PARKS EXERCISED POOR JUDGMENT IN REFERRING TO THEMSELVES AS THE CHILD'S REAL FAMILY." We are her real family! We are now, as of Oct. 4th 2010, COURT ordered not to refer to ourselves as real family. Unbelievable, you would think. Not for judge George Bowden, Everett Washington.

We must fight against this corruption. We are trying to reunite with our family and this judge and the state tell us the foster people are her family now. For 2 years I haven't been recognized as family. The closer we get,(passing home study after home study, meeting all compliance) to bringing our baby home, the harder they work to keep her with paid agents of the state. I'm a certified foster parent and I'm not allowed unsupervised visits! The state has court orders making me pay by the hour to see my niece. I only get one 4 hour visit per month and I live 16 hours away. I'm not allowed to give her gifts, or anything her real family sends. I'm not allowed to have her sisters or brother join the visits, or any other family.

We asked one time to have her cousin a Naval Officer (our son) visit, the answer was no. THIS COULD BE YOU. We need help. We have been told, by this judge' you'll get your day in court. I believe that the state is trying to stop us from ever making it to adoption court.

Have our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS been violated? When the attorney for our biological niece, Kristen ------ of Snohomish County Washington, her advocate, says we are not allowed to refer to ourselves as her REAL FAMILY? And the judge court orders it! We have been dealing with a corrupt department of DSHS (CPS) who are in the business of kidnapping babies for the purpose of fostering them out for adoption, so that they can meet their quota and receive the Federal funding.

We are her biological family, we have been there since the beginning. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH US. The juvenile court rulings are based on lies, twisted truths, and statutes that don't exist. The state claims the foster people John and Tracey H---- are her family now. The bottom line is WE ARE HER REAL FAMILY. Has this happened to you? What can be done to stop this corruption? Is there anyone willing to help us fight this? Contact us at REAL FAMILY at Sincerely Ed and Louise Parks

note by Pam Roach: (Dear Readers: This is happening all over the country. Very few escape the snare. And on the other hand, one child a month dies under the "watchful eye" of CPS.)

Madame Senator,

I ( we ) are familiar with this case.

I have the documents and can confirm what Louise is saying.

We are preparing a press release as we speak. Time is to tight to mention in this case.

If I did not see the lies with my own eyes..So much for government transparency.

Why the case is restricted for visit supervisors to input notes is beyond me. They must be e mailed to this SS worker. Is the SS worker putting these notes in the case file for the judge to see?? Highly doubt it. However,they forget that things can be requested and by law they must produce the documents.

Remember the TRUTH is in the records.

They have glowing adoption studies, glowing visit reports, There is also an approved ICPC ( Interstate Compact ) Visit reports with this child are also top notch.

The Department is still doing business as usual. Case workers not telling the truth, GALS not telling the truth.

This case will be as wild as the "Poca case" and the "Stuth case" and you have my promise on that.

The SS workers have shared confidential information with the foster parents.

They state that the visitation they are providing is not for placement. Visits have been provided for the last 15 months. I have pictures of the said visits. I only wish that every child could be afforded a family like the Parks.

What is the Departments fear? They are her real family. They aren't following their own policies and guide lines.

This foster parent much like the "Poca case" has made her special needs. The foster parents have also filed their adoption subsidies.

My question is this..WHY are foster parents being paid tax dollars to adopt. That needs to go except in extreme cases. If I were to adopt privately I would get no money. I become the parent and I would be legally responsible for that child's well being. Why are people allowed to adopt without the financial means to support the child?? Is that so the state can can get theses kids out of their hair. It falls pretty close to bribery the way I see it.

Hang in there Louise..WE SHALL PREVAIL. Exposure is in the air. I hear that it gets pretty cold when you are standing naked for all to see!!


Source: Pam Roach blog

Addendum: Pam Roach posts the other side by the foster mom. Expand for it, followed by comments from fixcas.



Foster Mom Responds

(I just received this. Hey, gang! I don't know anything about the details of this case and likely will not pursue it. But, here you have a foster woman who somehow thinks I don't appreciate what fosters do. Indeed, there is a place for fostering and I understand that and I appreciate that. But, on the other hand, the state law says we are to place with qualified biological family first. That is the law. It is not always being followed.)

Mrs. Roach, It is obvious how one sided you are to post the above comment that has nothing to do with the Parks case and not post the comment I left yesterday. Please post both sides! I get that you don't like CPS and I completely agree. The system is so broken down and mixed up that kids will only continue to get hurt. However, there are great foster homes out there. We have not ever "bought" a child, any that we have sent back to family or the 2 we adopted. In fact, the $423 per month we receive for a child's basic care is almost laughable. That works out to about $1.50 per clothe, feed, drive to visitations etc. That also is how we are supposed to buy diapers and formula. Consider please, the hardest job you have ever much hourly did you make? Now, consider what I do...I take newborn babies through drug withdrawl. They scream in agony and can't handle stimulation. If they do get over stimulated they projectile vomit and tremor. I don't get paid bathroom breaks or lunch, no days off, no union protecting my rights. You get the idea.

You can't make a difference with a closed mind. If you want to see change you have to engage people and inspire them to also make a difference. In four and a half years my husband and I have talked with numerous people and have had 7 fellow Christian families...all wonderful people, get involved with the foster system. Please get past your negative view of foster homes and be thrilled knowing that at least some of the kids in the system are better off where they are then they could be anywhere else. "Kristen" is such a child. Did the Parks tell you that they don't believe the bio dad molested the girls, even though the older girls were who reported him and led to his conviction? Did they tell you that because they don't believe, they would allow him contact with "Kristen", potentially making her a victim of sexual abuse? Did they tell you that the foster family has been this child's home for nearly 2 years? Please do some research on attachment disorders; you will see that it would be detrimental to this sweet little girl's life to yank her out of the only home she knows. The Parks are being selfish; they want her and will do and say anything to get her. She is not a posession. She doesn't belong to anyone, but she at a very minimum deserves to stay with a loving home, with the people she calls mom and dad, to continue to grow and thrive in a safe environment. This is a reasonable family that engaged with the Parks and Louise screwed it up. Louise needs to step back and for once, put her niece first.


Source: Pam Roach blog

This rebuttal is an example of statements collected from other foster or adoptive parents. Faced with a challenge to their legitimacy, they think they can bolster it by winning a mud-slinging contest with the natural parents. They can't. And about fees. They are ridiculously low? Real moms do all of your chores for $0. You are the only mom the kid has ever known? The bond with natural family never breaks. In adulthood many adoptive children spend years searching for the real family they have never met.

Addendum: The Parks family forwarded their full story, enclosed below, and two family pictures: [1] [2]. The girl in question, Faith age 3½, is the daughter of Louise's brother. Faith was taken by CPS when her father was jailed on a charge for which he was acquitted. The Parks correctly point out that the cost to Washington state of kinship care is a lot less than foster care. Trouble is the CPS agency within Washington state gains money for every foster child, and so resists efforts at family reunification and scoffs at laws requiring kinship placement. In a sidebar, son Chad Parks died at age 21 in a car accident.



June 15, 2010

When I’ve read that CPS in Washington State was corrupt I didn’t want to believe it.

August 14, 2008 CPS took my nieces from their parents. Immediately I called CPS, asked to have all three children placed with me. I hoped to keep them together. I stated that I didn’t want these girls to get lost in the system. CPS started a dependency .

WAC 388.25.0445 requires that “when the department determines that a child needs to be placed outside the home, the department must search for appropriate relatives to care for the child before considering non relative placement.”

The department did not respond to my request by instructing me on how to go about becoming a relative placement to the children. The response I received from the Social Worker, CPS Sky Valley Office, Monroe, Washington, was “we’re not there yet.”

September 2008, I found out through the department that the mother Randi Bradley was seeking help for drug related problems. I asked the department if anyone was doing anything to help her. I was told nothing at this time. I asked about Faiths’ health and how could I see the girls? I expressed my concern about Faith being so young. I didn’t want her to be scared and feel abandoned.

Statute RCW 13.34.136 requires visitation with the family. It’s my right by law. I was told I could come to a visit with a parent. But, we couldn’t find the mother. The father Hal Bradley was incarcerated.

Two of the children, Lizzy and Brook were placed with relatives. Faith my youngest niece, 2 years old, was sent to foster care on September 8th, 2008. Within a month, this placement was disrupted. Faith was removed from this foster care for a period of time, at the foster parents request, due to Faith contracting MIRSA. Faith returned to this foster placement after three months in January 2009.

I asked SW for a home study. Could I visit the girls? Why I was not a placement option for Faith. The SW stated that the reason I was not considered was due to my lack of understanding of the charges against my brother. I was on a long list and the foster people were favored because they wanted to adopt. The SW consistently refused to give me any information about requirements for placement. She ignored my requests, told me I have no rights as an Aunt and I am not a party in the action. I was told I could visit the children with one of the parents.

February 2009 Randi Bradley, mother of Lizzy, Brook, and Faith, failed to complete any rehab services. I’ve been unable to find her as she lives with many different friends. The father, is still incarcerated. No one is visiting Faith at this time. The department now made adoption the primary plan for Faith, The department advocated for the adoption of Faith by the foster people.

In an attempt to continue to have Faith placed with us, based on research on family reunification, we contacted Oregon DSHS. March 2009 we enrolled in classes to become certified foster parents.

In April 2009 I contacted SW Janelle Berger and told her we were going to get certified as foster parents for adoption. I asked her why was the state keeping Faith from us? Why the stall tactics? What does it mean that Hal Bradley, the father, was acquitted? When could we get Faith out of the system? SW Berger told me I had a child molester in my family and she was going to do everything in her power to keep me from getting my niece. I said I would get a no contact order if that would show her I would keep Faith safe and asked to put it in writing. Faith had been withheld for 8 months. I begged SW Berger to give me a chance. I promised to comply to any court orders and whatever else she wanted. SW Berger told me there was nothing I could do, Faith was not going to be placed in my home. On April 29, 2009 I called Patti Strang, Supervisor of SW Berger. I pleaded with Supervisor Strang. I told her that I did not understand the acquittal, explained that I would comply to a no contact order. What ever they asked I would do it, but please don’t take my family, I love her like my own child. I asked is there anything I could do? Supervisor Strang said “no”, we were not being considered as a placement for Faith.

Statute RCW 13.34.065(5)(f) states, uncertainty by a relative that the alleged abuser has in fact abused the child shall not be the basis upon which a child is removed from care. (a) of this subsection, nor shall it be a basis, to preclude placement with a relative.

On May 4th 2009 I talked to the public defenders office, Mr. Zvaleuskas, attorney for the father. I was given permission to read about the charges against my brother. I then learned why the state took the girls. I told Mr. Zvaleuskas that I would comply by obtaining a no contact order against the father in order to keep him away from Faith. Mr. Zvaleuskas told me that we needed an Interstate Compact for placement of child, for a home inspection. In June 2009 we completed six weeks of parenting classes to become certified foster parents for adoption.

After completing all the requirements for foster parent certification, I called SW Berger. She said it wasn’t ordered by Washington State and we were not considered for placement. In July 2009 we got a court ordered interstate home study and we were approved by the state of Oregon for family placement. Sydney Johnston Oregon interstate CPS called SW Berger and told her we were waiting for final approval from Salem, Oregon. She told SW Berger it would be an injustice not to place Faith with us. We successfully completed a Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (SAFE) home study. Sydney Johnston spoke favorably on our skills as parents and providers. The psychosocial evaluation strongly supports the belief that Ed and Louise Parks are ready, willing, and able to take on the parenting challenges inherent in relative foster care and adoption. They have the capacity to establish secure attachments with children as evidenced by their strong attachments to their own children and grandchildren. Ed and Louise are clearly committed to parenting and are competent in this role. Their parenting style with their own children incorporates a balance of warmth and control. Our SAFE home study concludes by stating “…this couple is exceptionally competent to provide a safe, structured, and nurturing home environment for Faith Bradley.”

We were a viable family resource and no other family had passed the home study. Didn’t the state of Washington prefer family reunification? If a child can’t be with parents, relatives must be considered before foster care.

It’s heartbreaking. We wonder why the state would want to step between a family tie like Faith and Auntie, why try to sever the only bond with family she has left. The public defender asked the Judge to allow for visitation. It was explained all that we had complied with and that we had been trying to get our niece home since the children were taken into shelter. Every effort we made was ignored. Stalling Was in the interest of the foster people, by using court allowed time. Trying to keep Faith for more than 12 months became the agenda.

In July 2009 we finally got a 1hr visit with Faith, our first since she was taken away from us. We spent our 1hr, supervised by SW Berger at a McDonalds/Chevron station where we ate lunch and played in a vacant lot. My 15 yr old niece Lizzy was allowed to join us. Faith remembered me, hugged my neck said she loved and we blew her kisses when it was time to say goodbye. We were allowed a 2hr visit in September 2009 with the foster mother Tracy, her 3 children and Kayla Ruckert the volunteer guardian ad litem. Faith told me she loved me and said thank you for the baby doll, hugged my neck and kissed my cheek. We were allowed to join a 2hr visit in November 2009 at a birthday party for Faith with Lizzy, Brookie, the mother and Aunt Sandi at Burger King. My husband Ed and granddaughter Abby enjoyed our time supervised by SW Martha and Poppy Hansen OPD. We were allowed another November 2009 visit for 2hrs at Burger King with Poppy OPD, Faith and Abby, supervised by Kim Krausz. Our visit went great, Faith remembered us, her eyes lit up, she said she loved me and missed me and she gave us lots of joyful hugs. When the foster mother arrived Faith didn’t want to leave me. SW Kim noted this, and that the foster mothers special needs child was difficult for her to control. He ran off towards the door to the parking lot. The SW Kim asked the foster mother to retrieve him. She did so, leaving Faith unattended. Faith cried “NO” she didn’t want to go, “I want to stay with Auntie.” My heart was breaking as I walked her out to the foster mothers vehicle.

Randi, Faith’s mother and I have been sisters since August 2006. We have a relationship through this unfortunate time. I’ve encouraged her to attend rehab, offered her a home, support in enrolling school, prayed for her road to recovery and reunification with her children. She continues to express a love for me, and shared she thought it was in the best interest of her child, to be placed with me. December 1st Randi and Hal had their attorney’s present a motion to Judge Bowden in court , for a voluntary adoption plan, asking that Ed and Louise Parks be the relative placement for Faith. We have tried to offer our niece Lizzy the same support. We have been told by SW Berger there is to be supervised contact only. We are not allowed to return Lizzy’s calls, asking to stay with us this summer. Lizzy repeatedly asks to see us and all I can tell her is, you’ll need to get permission. It’s difficult for Lizzy to understand, we’ve never been restrain from visiting each other before.

Why is SW Berger trying to break our bonds with Lizzy? Several times Lizzy has asked to spend time with us this summer. Why is SW Berger keeping Lizzy from her family?

We visit Washington a couple of times a month and have demonstrated our desire to put all of the children together at these visits. Faith has an older brother Alex, who would love to be a part of her life. No one has made any attempts at keeping this family together. I am the paternal Auntie I share a family bond with all of these children, I’ve offered to have them all stay with us. Alex is married to Amanda and they have a 2 year old baby boy named Jason. We are close with Faith’s brother, I can bring this family together every month so they would not loose this relationship and bonding.

December 1st 2009 in juvenile court Judge Bowden, denied parents request for family placement with us. Stating that our niece had been with foster care a long time. Removing her would be detrimental and unnecessary. But what about the three times in the last year she has been moved? Why wasn’t it considered unnecessary then. Detrimental? What about being separated from her real family for the next 15 years of her life? Faith has been kept in the system for months, kept away from the family she cries out for.

Why the inaction to reunify the family, on the part of the state? Why was CPS being so unreasonable? Who will reunite this child with her family? Doesn’t Washington State law prefer that placing a child, who has been removed from her parents, with a relative is in the child’s best interest when the parent has requested relative placement. Why has the department failed to follow it’s own policy for the placement of children with relatives?

Statute RCW 13.34.125 says the voluntary adoption plan set forth in the parents motion, to place our niece with paternal relatives (her real family) is in the child’s best interest.

The U.S. supreme court has ruled several times in cases involving the states harmful inaction; unreasonable in family decision. By saying over and over that unless evidence supports finding the family unfit -determined by a court- no third party opinion (foster people) trumps the opinion of the parent .(family) The state has no right to interfere in the decisions of the parent. (family) Further, it is presumed that parents -not the state- are best able to determine what is in the best interests of their own children. Washington law is clear: If a child can’t be with parents, relatives must be considered before foster care.

Senator Pam Roach has been a strong advocate for accountability in child welfare cases, within the department of social and health services. She has been reported in saying, ”We must place children with caring relatives first and we must give relatives who have a child that is stuck in the system a say in any placement decisions.”

January 20th 2010 God wanted our son home, to be with Jesus. He was 21 years old, and taken too soon. We are faced with a crisis. The state is taking our baby niece too soon. We have asked for help from the Gov. adv. Office, Senators, Attorney Gen., Ombudsman, to the Public Defenders office. We are told this is a situation the state is aware of, that this happens all the time and there is no remedy for it. Even though reunification of the family is a law preferred by Washington State. When I have pleaded with SW Janelle Berger CPS that we have done every compliance required by the state. I asked, please can we have our baby niece back. She loves us, she needs us, we have a family relationship that is obvious to all the supervisors at our visits. The supervisors have strong opinions for family reunification. Faith our niece, cries out to stay with her real family (as she calls us). At the end of our time together, Faith cries, “No I don’t want to go, I want to stay with Auntie, can I go home with my real family?” SW Janelle Berger told me don’t take it personal, it’s up to the Judge to decide. So I’m writing today to ask for your help. Please give Faith back to her real family. We are safe and loving relatives, with so much to offer. Please don’t let the state take her too soon. One of the last wishes our son prayed for was… “Mom, go get your baby niece, bring her home where she belongs. I’m not your baby anymore Faith is.”

Faith is 31/2years old. Since birth we have had on going visits with Faith. According to the visitation notes, the visits between Faith and the Parks have gone extremely well. We have been married 29 years and have successfully raised three adult children. We are currently a caregiver for our 5 year old granddaughter. We live in LaPine, Oregon. We are licensed foster parents in the state of Oregon. Over the last year we have fully complied with all requests made by the department. We have attended parenting classes, applied for and obtained a foster care license, we were successful in a criminal background check and successfully completed an exceptional SAFE home study. We have maintained contact with Faith despite the obstacles imposed by DSHS. We travel 16 hours round trip to have four hours of supervised visits, that the state charges us $20.00 an hour for, and they only allow us a visit once a month. We have communicated our desire to be considered as relative placement for Faith from the beginning. We have signed an adoption petition, seeking to adopt Faith.

At every visit Faith is considered very comfortable with us. According to the visitation notes prepared by DSHS SW Kim Krause, on November 21, 2009, “SW Kim observed that Faith did not want to leave the visit and that Faith wanted to go with the paternal Aunt.” On another visit, OPD Michael Anter, supervisor notes, “I observed Louise and Faith talking, smiling, laughing together while playing. Faith appeared to be very comfortable being with Louise.” On February 26, 2010 supervisor Michael observed Faith at the end of the visit questioning, “are you my real family?” and “can I go home with you?” Every visit has gone well and it is very clear that Faith is bonded with our family.

June 14, 2010 in juvenile court Judge Bowden, denied our motion to intervene and denied the extra visitation time we were asking for.

Senator Pam Roach is reported to say: CPS can go after the children of the poor and know they will meet no real resistance. They separate the young mothers from their children, put babies in foster care, and then do everything they can to foster “bonding” with foster people rather than family. Thank you to all those in the foster system who are well motivated. But some are not. Some scheme to take the children of others for themselves and are facilitated by a government bent on giving foster people priority over relatives.

Our rights are being violated and I’m being told by my own attorney, Deane Minor, “this is a problem that Washington State is aware of, and that there is no remedy for it.” I’ve been asked to give up, and to agree to court ordered visits. Allow the foster people to adopt uncontested, if we ever want to see our niece again. It’s nothing more than legal blackmail.

How can it be in the best interest of the child to separate her from her real family? We are praying for help. We will not give up. For every relative that gives up, it makes it that much harder for the next relative to fight for the right to bring their family home where they belong.

Sincerely, Edward and Louise Parks
P.O. Box 1620, LaPine, Oregon 97739

Source: email from Edward and Louise Parks