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Bereft Father Shot by Police

September 22, 2010 permalink

Hamilton father Tyrone Fisher had one of his children taken by CAS on Monday. Yesterday, Tuesday, police shot him. The print story in the expand block shows it only as police shooting a deranged man, omitting the CAS connection, but CHCH-TV (mpg) tells it straight.



Man on run shot by police

Police investigate an incident on Cranbrook Dr. on Hamilton's west mountain Tuesday afternoon. A man was sent to hospital with non life threatening injuries after a foot chase by police. the SIU is now investigating.

T Fisher
POLICE SHOOTING Police investigate an incident on Cranbrook Dr. on Hamilton's west mountain Tuesday afternoon. A man was sent to hospital with non life threatening injuries after a foot chase by police. the SIU is now investigating.
Barry Gray/The Hamilton Spectator

Ontario’s police watchdog is investigating how a man who allegedly brandished a knife and led police on a chase through a west Mountain neighbourhood ended up shot in front of his neighbour’s house.

Hamilton police were called to the scene on Cranbrook Drive around 12:45 p.m. yesterday to assist a local agency attending the man’s townhouse, near Garth Street and Garrow Drive, said Sergeant Terri-Lynn Collings.

The man had what witnesses described as a butcher’s knife and began to run around a small stretch of the neighbourhood, first passing R.A. Riddell Elementary School and then neighbours’ lawns.

He was shot by at least one Hamilton police officer across the street from his home, near Greendale Drive, Collings said.

He was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

The provincial Special Investigations Unit, which is called when someone is seriously injured in an incident with police, was on the scene yesterday afternoon.

A witness who asked that her name not be used said she heard a commotion and came outside to see a neighbour, who was wearing a tan jacket and a grey and black hat, running around with a giant knife — trailed by several police officers.

She started to back up slowly into her house when the man, aged about 30, ran up her driveway and across her lawn, she said.

Fearing he would run up to her house, she jumped in her car.

It appeared the man was Tasered, but he kept going, she said.

Then he tripped and an officer struck him with a baton, but he kept going. As he was running away, she said, she saw an officer raise a gun. She heard a pop, smelled gun powder and saw the man go down.

But he got back up again and ran inside a neighbour’s house, she said. Police stopped him inside the house.

By the time EMS had responded a crowd had gathered.

Holly Chalmers, who lives in the same cluster of townhouses, said she saw the man being taken on a stretcher from the home.

He was talking and seemed fine, “like he hadn’t been shot,” except for a blood-soaked bandage on his side, she said.

He was well-known in the area, as a guy often out walking his brown labrador.

One man, who said he was good friends with him, said he couldn’t understand why the man would have brandished a knife.

Collings said no one remained in the man’s home during the chase or shooting.

The incident, though brief, shut down parts of Cranbrook and Greendale drives into the night.

Police tape originally blocked in R.A Riddell School, but was soon moved to allow parents and students access in and out of the building. The Hamilton Wentworth District School Board had the school under a “hold and secure” response between 1:30 p.m. and 3:05 p.m., said school board spokesperson Jackie Penman.

The normally busy street became full of concerned parents as school ended.

Sandy Hagle, who lives across the street from the school and has three children who attend it, said she was nervous when she saw all the police and caution tape.

Her senior kindergarten-aged son was at home with her, but her other two children remained in school. She said police told her the school was safe and to go back inside.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: Hamilton Spectator

Another report gives the spelling of Fisher.



Man shot by police

A man is in hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being shot by police on Hamilton's west mountain.

The shooting occured at a Cranbrook Drive home, in the area of Garth and Garrow, just south of the Linc.

Sergaent Terri-Lynn Colllings says police were initially on scene to assist another agency.

CHML News has learned that agency is the Children's Aid Society.

Police say the injured man was armed with a knife and the shooting followed a confrontation.

The case in now in the hands of the province's SIU.

Neighbours say the shooting victim's name is Tyrone Fisher.

Source: CHML

A day after children's aid took Tyrone Fisher's son, neighbor John Barlett saw trouble developing and tried to get help. He got the brush-off from police and children's aid. When children's aid returned to Fisher an hour later, for purposes not explained, Fisher lost it.



Neighbour says police, CAS ignored warning

A neighbour and friend of the man shot by police after a chase through a west Mountain neighbourhood says the incident could have been prevented had police and the Children's Aid Society heeded his warning.

John Barlett lives on Cranbrook Drive and his son goes to school with the shot man's two boys. He was on his way to bring his son's lunch to school Tuesday when he said he came across the man outside his home acting irrationally.

One of the man's sons was taken away by the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton the day prior, Barlett said he was told. And the CAS was coming back that day.

The man had a chair propped outside his townhouse door, messages were scrawled on the bottom of pizza boxes and he was rambling about CAS, he said.

His eyes were glassy and he was wearing a trench coat several sizes too large, Barlett said, adding that in the past he had tried to get his friend help for what he believes are mental health and addiction issues.

Then, the man turned to him and said the CAS would be back soon, "stick around 'cause it's going to be a mess," Barlett claims he said.

After trying to calm his friend down, he said he called Hamilton police dispatch and asked to be connected with the Mountain station. He said it rang 47 times with no answer.

Then he tried CAS, where he alleges the woman who answered the phone was rude, continually questioned why he was calling and refused to put him through to a supervisor or the person on the case.

A little over an hour after speaking with his friend, Barlett heard the shots fired.

Hamilton police said they had been called to assist an agency, identified by Barlett and neighbours as CAS.

Around 12:45 p.m., his friend had waved around what witnesses described as a butcher's knife, before running around the neighbourhood and eventually being shot.

He jumped up after being shot and ran into a neighbour's house. That neighbour happens to be the former wife of Barlett's cousin.

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit, which is called when someone is seriously injured in an incident with police, is investigating.

The victim underwent surgery at Hamilton General Hospital, said SIU spokesperson Monica Hudon. His injuries are not life-threatening.

All matters involving the case, including Barlett's claims, will be part of the investigation, she said.

Both Hamilton police and the Hamilton CAS said they could not comment because of the ongoing investigation.

Source: Hamilton Spectator