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CPS Stonewalls Willards

July 20, 2010 permalink

Washington state senator Pam Roach summarizes the CPS lies in the adoption of the Willard's granddaughter Madison, at first identified by the alias Lily/Lilly.



Reformed Daughter And Wonderful Grandparents...Willard Case

Message from the Willards:

Our daughter's appeal was denied. We now go to adoption court against the great-grandparents on August 5th. Our daughter is appealing now to the Supreme Court of Washington.

I am campaigning. That means this will be short. But, the story is one of CPS charging forward with their minds already made up. Lying to the judges...they have absolutely no cares for what they have done.

The Willard's daughter was promised by CPS that if she relinquished custody of her little girl (Lilly as reported here) that her parents would be able to adopt Lilly. (That was lie #1. They can not make that promise and there was no paperwork to make them hold to that.)

The state took Lilly and put her in foster adopt with the 26 year-old single woman who had put in an order for a blond blue-eyed little girl.

I entered the seen. You know...just trying to help. The foster adopt filed an ethics complaint with the Senate (something that CPS probably said would be fun for her to do). I won. There is actually nothing wrong with a legislator trying to help a citizen from a lying bureaucracy. Personally, I think more should get involved. But then...I think government people who lie should be held accountable.

The state did a second home study replacing some lies (the grandparents stole a computer, etc) with other lies (Mrs. Willard was on dialysis and had breast cancer, etc.). Nothing happened to anyone because of the lies told to a judge. Nothing good was ever said about the Willards in the home study.

While all this was happening the MOTHER, sobered up, started school, and got a job. She has her own place to live. She petitioned to have her child back in a timely manner. Lilly never would have been taken if the state had not promised that Lilly would go to her young (45ish) grandparents.

With my intervention and some special political connection of the great-grandmother, Lilly was placed with the wealthy GGPs. That is certainly better than having her with the unrelated foster woman. So, that at least is a plus.

The court, today, ruled that Lilly's mother can not have her back and there will be a adoption hearing for the GGPs who have had "Lilly" for many months. The mother will appeal this ruling from the Court of Appeals. She is appealing to the Supreme Court of WA.

Please see the case that was decided in this court just a few weeks ago. The case of AB is reported here in PRR. The system is just fine with the lies. For them the end justifies the means. But the mother and the Willards, the hundreds of friends that the Willards have, and at least one that this monster of a government agency helps kill kids (one a month) on one hand...and takes kids and redistributes them on the other.

Source: Pam Roach blog