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Kitchener Rally

July 16, 2010 permalink

Here is a report on the rally in Kitchener Tuesday, July 13, which attracted 5 or 6 people.

As far as media, we have a blackout in Kitchener as our newspapers for whatever reason refuse to write any stories regarding the rallies which take place. There were a few people that turned up for the rally, and it was myself that was in court that day fighting for my two children, most crucial my three-year-old who is unable to make decisions for himself. My fifteen year old is.

It was one of the most digusting proceedings I have ever seen. They have me targeted because of the advocacy work that I do and the fact that I will "Stand up and Speak out" about the injustices done to innocent families.

The judge would not allow myself, Dad, or either of our counsel to speak. She also would not look at, let alone consider the evidence that was brought to court and ruled that there be a Summary Judgement in October.

The good news is that I had a meeting today with a person that can and will hold them accountable to their words, and they agreed to three things being completed and my little Marty be returned home. Now I just have to find the $2000 for the Psych assessment they want (absurd they are even asking ... but anyways) and I have some friends that are working on a fundraiser for me already. Hopefully things will work out.

— Catherine

Source: Catherine Frei on Facebook
posted with the author's permission