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British Class Action

July 18, 2010 permalink

Freedom Advocacy & Law

A class-action lawsuit has been started against the family court system in the UK. Plaintiffs Freedom Advocacy & Law have established a class action page and a public Facebook group. Here is a local copy of the proposed complaint (pdf).

From the notice of lis alibi pendens, the abuses alleged are:




  1. The UNITED KINGDOM, and the FAMILY PROCEEDINGS COURT(S) and LOCAL AUTHORITY(S) encompassed within, have failed to;
    1. Prevent the systematic destruction of the individual family unit, by means of false allegation, perjury, perverting the course of justice, harassment and maladministration.
    2. Prevent serious infringements of human right and fundamental freedoms of offspring, birth parents and extended family unit members during state intervention, through manipulation and reckless abandonment of domestic and international Laws, Statutes, Treaties and Conventions.
    3. Preserve the rights of the extended family during both Private and Public Law, excluding options allowing continued access of extended family members with offspring, and denying obligation for keeping family unity paramount.
    4. Prevent abandonment of fiduciary duties to protect and assist families and extended families during Family proceedings in both Public and Private Law.
    5. Consider the imposition on Public Funds regarding costings of Family Court proceedings to remove children to State care or adoption versus support services for families as required by Statute to ensure the continued integrity of the Family Unit.
    6. Disclose any and all conflicts of interest relating to those agents acting for said organisations and consider possible ramifications as to the outcome of Family Proceedings Court cases.
  2. The UNITED KINGDOM, and the FAMILY PROCEEDINGS COURT(S) and LOCAL AUTHORITY(S) encompassed within, have wilfully and with aforethought to stated intentions:
    1. Sought to withhold information pertaining to individual cases particularly regarding material, recordings and running logs, before during and after proceedings, from the Respondents in those proceedings, here named as collective and individual Plaintiffs.
    2. Committed acts of torture and distress, through action and inaction, against both adults and children in a demonstrable effort to alienate one from the other, dismantle marriage and force removal of minors in the wake of manufactured situations of natural parents' incapability of maintaining themselves never mind a family.


While the alleged abuses are widespread, it is unlikely that a class action of this sort can remedy the problem. A court can hand down an order to a specific person or corporation, but it is hard to imagine what relief it can grant against a whole court system, or all local authorities in the UK. And in any case, courts are not the root of the problem. Appropriated funds for foster care and adoption place a bounty on the head of every child collectible by any social service agency able to wrest control of the child from his parents. As long as the bounty exists, social service agencies will use the funds to induce the necessary cooperation from judges, lawyers, psychiatrists, and all others essential to maintaining the flow of funds.