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CAS Worker Stabbed

March 19, 2010 permalink

Yesterday a Windsor children's aid worker was stabbed in the parking lot of the CAS headquarters by Donald James Lockwood. So far we don't know the name of the victim, or the nature of the case that provoked the attack. Two articles are enclosed.



Children's Aid Society stabbing suspect charged

A Windsor, Ont., children's aid worker is in hospital after she was stabbed in the parking lot of the Children's Aid Society.

The 40-year-old woman and a co-worker were walking to their cars outside the building on Riverside Drive around noon Thursday when one of the women was attacked.

A witness said a man on a bicycle rode up to the woman and stabbed her in the stomach then kicked her in the face.

The second woman brought the victim, who still had the knife blade embedded in her chest, into the building as the suspect threw rocks at the pair.

Windsor children's aid
A woman who works at the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society, above, was stabbed in the parking lot of the building on Thursday.
(Susan Aitken/CBC)

The suspect then rode his bike into the building and walked through rooms threatening other staff, said witnesses.

Police said he accessed the family visitation area and started swinging his bike lock, trying to hit people.

Two men working on a nearby roof who had heard the screams climbed down to help. They followed the man into the building, tackled him and restrained him until police arrived.

Police arrested Donald James Lockwood, 36, of Windsor.

He was charged Friday with attempted murder.

The injured woman had surgery late Thursday at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital where her condition has been upgraded from serious to stable.

Source: CBC

Windsor police ID stabbing suspect

WINDSOR, Ont. — Windsor police are praising two roofers who climbed down from on high Thursday and subdued an enraged man who beat an unsuspecting woman, stabbed her and snapped the blade off in her chest.

Police said the victim and another woman were walking to their cars at the Children’s Aid Society Parking lot on Riverside Drive around 12 p.m.

As they walked, they noticed a man on a bicycle riding towards them. The two women parted ways to get in their cars.

The man on the bike suddenly rode up and hit the victim in the stomach. Police said he then got off of his bike, ran toward the woman and kicked her in the face. He then walked away as the other woman ran to the aid of the victim. She helped her friend get back into the CAS building.

Two men working on a roof of a nearby heard the screams for help, and saw the man throwing rocks at the women as they fled toward the building. They yelled at him to stop, and started climbing down from the roof to make their way toward him, said police.

The attacker yelled back at them to mind their own business. The suspect then picked up his bicycle and rode towards the doors of the Children's Aid Society building. The two men, realizing this was not a good situation, followed him.

Once the victim and other woman were inside building, CAS staff activated their security measures. It was at this point that the victim realized she’d been stabbed when the man struck her in the stomach.

The man rode his bicycle into the front lobby with a U-shaped bike lock in his hand, then started walking through the building threatening people.

The two roofers ran inside and confronted the assailant, who started swinging his bike lock at them. The two men were undeterred. They wrestled him down and held onto him until police arrive.

The victim was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered that she still had part of the blade embedded in her lower chest area, just under the skin. She underwent surgery and is listed in stable condition.

Windsor police said the quick actions of the two roofers and CAS staff in such a dangerous situation prevent things from escalating.

Police said Donald James Lockwood, 36, of Windsor was to be arraigned this morning on an attempted murder charge.

Investigators said further charges may follow.

Source: Windsor Star

Addendum: Rewrite!

Soviet propaganda masters used a standard technique to control public opinion following a disaster. After, for example an explosion and fire, they focused their reporting on the firemen who risked their lives to go through the flames rescuing the victims. After reading extensive coverage on these heroes, few readers thought to ask whose negligence led to the disaster.

The first article we cited above giving the bare facts of the stabbing of a CAS worker has been rewritten by the CBC, and clicking on the Source: link will get only the revised version. The new one, enclosed below, focuses on bystander Wayne Schreiner who intervened to save the women under attack. There is a lot of material about him, he is unemployed, he needs a job and he is full of praise for children's aid. After reading of his plight and heroic act, few will ask the vital question: Why would a man want to harm a children's aid worker?

The print aticle is enclosed, and here is the video (mp4).



Good Samaritan tackles stabbing suspect

Wayne Schreiner
Wayne Schreiner said he owed it to Children's Aid to help restrain an attacker after a man stabbed an aid worker Thursday in Windsor, Ont.
(Dennis Porter/CBC)

Police in Windsor, Ont., are hailing an unemployed labourer who helped stop a stabbing attack at a Children's Aid building.

A 40-year-old woman is in hospital after a man stabbed her Thursday afternoon in the parking lot of the building where she works.

She and a friend were walking to their cars at lunch when a man on a bicycle rode up to one of the women, stabbed her in the abdomen and then kicked her in the face.

Men working on the roof of a nearby house heard the commotion and yelled at the attacker to stop.

'You're not gonna hurt me!'

Wayne Schreiner heard the shouting and jumped into action.

He and his friend, Jean-Paul Lacounte, had been at the job site hoping to pick up a little work when the attack happened.

"I just ran to the fence and jumped over to see what I could do," Schreiner told CBC News.

The attacker threw stones at the women as they sought refuge in the Children's Aid building, said police.

Schreiner said the man threatened to hurt anyone who tried to stop him from going inside.

"I told him, 'You're not gonna hurt me!'"

Schreiner followed the man into the building and found him in the family visitation area, where he was swinging a bike lock and threatening staff.

"Everybody was scared, I was a little scared," said Schreiner. "Then I seen a little girl in there crying and I knew I had to do something right away, so I jumped him and put him in a choke hold and then we fell on the ground."

Windsor children's aid
A woman who works at the Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society, above, was stabbed in the parking lot of the building on Thursday.
(Susan Aitken/CBC)

Schreiner held the man that way until police arrived, saying the battle was personal and there was no way he was going to let go.

"Children's Aid's been there for me when I was a kid, they were good to me. They took me out of a bad home and they helped me all my life," Schreiner said. "I couldn't not do anything."

Police arrested Donald James Lockwood, 36, of Windsor, who now faces a charge of attempted murder.

Thought police might arrest him

The injured woman was taken to Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital, where she had surgery to remove the knife blade in her abdomen. She is listed in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Schreiner never spoke with the woman, but said he got all the praise he needed later on.

"I went home and told my little daughters about it and they said I was like Mr. Incredible."

A few hours later, Schreiner said four police officers showed up at his door.

"I thought they were coming to get me ... to arrest me for assault," he said. "They came and they thanked me."

Schreiner said he was just glad he had the chance to give something back to Children's Aid for all that agency had done for him.

He is still looking for work. Asked by CBC what work he could see himself doing, Schreiner said, "I'm thinking about security at Children's Aid."

Source: CBC

From an article in the Windsor Star, here is a photo of the two heroes.

Wayne Schreiner left and JP Lacounte
Advantage Construction employees Wayne Schreiner, 49, left, and J.P. Lacounte, 20, stand in front of the CAS building on Riverside Drive East on Friday. The roofers jumped over a Lincoln Road fence Thursday and held down a man who allegedly stabbed a woman in the parking lot of the organization.
Photograph by: Dan Janisse, The Windsor Star, The Windsor Star