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March 14, 2010 permalink

Who is willing to praise a children's aid society? The executive director of another children's aid society!

One cynic issued a challenge to find praise for children's aid from someone not under their control, such as an employee or current foster child. No one has come forward yet.

As for the audit claim in the letter, Richard Wexler has been pointing out recently that audits of child protection agencies never go beyond the filing cabinet. As long as there is a document on file for every dollar spent the auditors are satisfied.



Durham CAS does a great job under severe strain

To the editor:

At Catholic Family Services of Durham, we work closely with Durham Children's Aid Society. We also collaborate with them in our Safer Families program which is demonstrating its worth in reducing the incidence of families needing repeat investigations.

These programs not only are good for families, but they are effective in reducing the number of cases that have to be reopened. Durham CAS is currently under severe pressure for funding and has been unfairly accused of poor management. It is audited by the Province four times a year; there is no waste. As we work with the Durham CAS staff, we see skilled, committed, efficient professionals stretched to their limit in providing protection services. As executive director, I work closely with the management of Durham CAS and have never found that agency to be anything but well run. The fact is, if our Province wants to ensure that children are protected from abuse and that families are given help so the children can be safe, there is a financial cost. This is a cost taxpayers are willing to pay.

Mary Wells

RSW Executive Director

Catholic Family Services of Durham


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