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Motherhood is Terrorism

April 22, 2010 permalink

What happened to British mother Maureen Spalek after she sent a birthday card to her abducted son? She was arrested as a terrorist.

This story is not in the commercial press, so far only on advocacy sites and the exaggeration-prone Prison Planet (Alex Jones). Going to the source in the expand block leads to a YouTube video of the story.



Police Arrest Woman For Sending Her Stolen Son A Birthday Card

Maureen Spalek was arrested on 20th April for sending a birthday card to her own son, who Liverpool SS have abducted, in order to try to cover up medical negligence. They are using the TERRORISM ACT in order to persecute law abiding people. Maureen Spalec is not a terrorist – she is a tiny little woman, a mother who would not hurt a fly!

Please phone Cheshire police main switchboard to ask about Maureen Spalek’s welfare - the number is 0845 458 0000.

Please also call Merseyside police on 0151-709-6010 – Maureen is a resident of Liverpool even though she was arrested and is being held by the neighbouring Cheshire police.

Can you further contact Maureen’s local Liberal Democrat MP, Paula Keaveney, who should be willing to help under present circumstances, on 0151-494-0341 – She is the MP for the area of Garston & Halewood.

Please be firm, calm and polite, and highlight concerns for her safety and that you are aware that she is working to expose paedophiles.


Source: Prison Planet (Alex Jones)

Christopher Smith
terrorist bomb