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Mother Catches CAS Lying

December 3, 2009 permalink

A mother whose two daughters were placed in foster care by the Children's Aid Society of Simcoe County (Barrie) had visitation with her daughters at her home attended by social workers from a private agency. On one visit one of her daughters had a bleeding mouth from an injury in foster care. The mother was distressed to see the extent of the injury, as were the social workers. The agency sent another worker to drive mother and child to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie.

Later when CAS introduced notes from visitation to the court, the notes for the day of the injury were missing. Three social workers testified that they had no recollection of the injury to the girl, including the driver to the hospital. The mother had taken the precaution of getting a separate copy of the notes directly from the private agency and showed the court the missing two pages. They proved that the social workers had lied. The judge read the evidence, but had no interest in holding CAS accountable for the deception.

If this mother is telling the truth, it shows behavior worse than incompetence. An injury to a child requiring hospitalization is hard to forget in just a few months. In addition to withholding evidence, CAS has suborned perjury, that is, encouraged witnesses to lie under oath, and a judge has condoned the fakery.

Here is a link to the mother's story of Simcoe CAS (mp3).

Source: Canada Court Watch November 25, 2009