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Information Solicited

October 19, 2009 permalink

John Dunn is asking for information from child welfare insiders, to be published through the internet while protecting the identity of the informant. Dufferin VOCA also publishes as much information as possible about child protection, and likewise can protect confidentiality when necessary.

Mr Dunn discloses that high child welfare officers are suggesting he is mentally unstable. Having followed the work of Mr Dunn for years, both in person and through the internet, this appears to be the most unjustified charge ever. Dufferin VOCA gets no aspersions of mental instability, just lawsuits.



Monday, October 19, 2009

Council Seeks Child Welfare Insiders

The Foster Care Council of Canada is seeking input from people who work or volunteer in the child welfare sector to provide us with information they feel is important for people to know.

We will be sure to keep the source of the information private, and will take any information we can that they feel we should be aware of.

Maybe there are documents, or reports within the Ministry of Children and Youth Services or its Regional Offices, or within the CAS offices, or the OACAS that you are aware have already been submitted to the Ministry or to any government official or body that we can FIPPA (Freedom of Information Request) to get copies etc. Just let us know at 613-220-1039 or by e-mail to and please spread the word.

Higher Management Attempts to Discredit Advocacy Efforts

It has been been brought to the attention of the Foster Care Council of Canada that those in higher positions within the child welfare systems have been attempting to tell their staff and associates that John Dunn, Executive Director of the Foster Care Council of Canada is mentally unstable, however without a professional diagnosis of any kind, and without any evidence of such, you are asked to think for yourself and to reconsider this rumor and treat it as if it were being said about yourself.

What questions would you ask of those alleging you are mentally unstable, and ask those same questions about Mr. Dunn.

Thank-you for your attention to this important matter.

Foster Care Council of Canada

Posted by afterfostercare at 11:16 AM

Source: John Dunn blog October 19, 2009