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Waterloo Social Worker Investigated

September 2, 2009 permalink

Chris Carter is under order to stay away from the courthouse except when he has a case. This morning his case was postponed until later in the day, so he was legally in the waiting area. While he was speaking to other parents, one of them pointed out that a CAS worker (identified only as workerfour on account of pending litigation) was standing in one of the rooms used for discussions between counsel and clients. While keeping himself out of range of courthouse surveillance cameras, workerfour was making a video recording of Carter and the others with his Blackberry. Since this is a violation of the Courts of Justice Act, Carter reported it to the police, who intercepted workerfour as he tried to leave. Waterloo Region police are investigating. The investigating officer is Constable M Wyatt badge number #1169 and the occurrence number is C9-173503. She viewed the video recording and advised workerfour to consult a lawyer.

Source: email from Chris Carter