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Mixed Message

October 7, 2009 permalink

While provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath advocates for CAS oversight through bill 93, former leader Howard Hampton is complaining about the recent budget cuts to children's aid societies.



Hampton - "What happens to the kids..."

Tuesday, 06 October 2009 07:02

QUEEN'S PARK - Kenora MPP Howard Hampton was up in the Ontario Legislature on Monday. Hampton was taking aim at the issue of funding for the Rainy River Children's Aid Society.

Here is the text of Mr. Hampton's statement:

"The McGuinty government has begun to place severe cuts on the budgets of children's aid societies across this province and it's having a devastating effect.

"I'll give you one example: the Rainy River children's aid society, in my constituency. Their blended funding rate is $39 per child in care. That compares to a provincial average of $79 per child in care, but the minister has just cut their budget by $600,000. On a total budget of $3 million a year, a cut of $600,000 means they either have to close their office in Fort Frances or close their office in Atikokan. What happens to the kids in those communities when those services aren't available in the community?

"To give another example, Tikinagan is a native child and family service provider in the far north. Tikinagan is struggling with what's happening in the community of Pikangikum, where over 400 of the 800 children are not in school, children as young as six and seven years old are sniffing gasoline, and there are over 160 children in the community who have been placed in protection. Tikinagan is stressed beyond belief. What does the McGuinty government do to Tikinagan? They cut their budget by $2.1 million as they struggle to provide protection to these children who desperately need help and desperately need protection.

"The McGuinty government has got to recognize that-".

Source: Thunder Bay News Ledger

Addendum: Here is a message on the same topic from leader Andrea Horwath:



First Nations children “abandoned by government”

Queen's Park

Ontario’s NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says the McGuinty government’s $4.2-million in funding cuts to First Nations child welfare agencies must be reversed.

Today at the Ontario Legislature, Horwath called on Premier Dalton McGuinty to place a moratorium on any further cuts. Ontario’s native leaders have expressed alarm say the cuts are creating a crisis in the ability of agencies to serve the influx of children in their care.

“While squandering a billion health dollars, the McGuinty government has cut $4.2-million in funding from First Nations child welfare agencies. There is a real crisis facing Ontario’s Native children and youth, but this government is shamefully reducing the resources that serve these vulnerable and disadvantaged young people,” Horwath told the Premier during Question Period.

Horwath listed the cuts the McGuinty government has made to agencies like Tikinagan Child and Family Services ($2.1-million), Paayukotayno James & Hudson Bay Family Services suffered ($1-million) and Weechiittewin Family Services ($941,522). She also slammed the government’s failure to support a key umbrella group for aboriginal children’s services, the Association of Child and Family Service Associations of Ontario (ANCFSAO), which is on the brink of closing this week.

“New Democrats are not prepared to stand by while vulnerable First Nations communities and children are abandoned by this government,” Horwath said.

“Adequately funding First Nations child welfare services is an obligation that must transcend jurisdictional squabbles between the provincial Liberals and federal Conservatives.”

Horwath said social problems such as substance abuse, family violence, sexual abuse and youth suicide are much more prevalent among First Nations, and as such more resources, not fewer, need to be devoted to child welfare.

For example, the youth suicide rate in northwestern Ontario is 398 young people out of every 100,000, while the national average is 12.9, according to a 2006 report from the Kenora Crown Attorney’s Office.

“It is reprehensible that the Premier refuses to address the child welfare funding shortfall to ensure resources serving some of Ontario’s most vulnerable children are fully restored. We will continue to advocate on their behalf,” said Horwath.

date: Wed, 2009/10/07 - 2:00pm

Source: Andrea Horwath blog October 7, 2009

Addendum: A reader comments:



Sent to the NDP party today via their web site.

October 12, 2009

I saw on the news that your party is complaining about the cut backs to the Children’s Aid offices in some areas. It is my belief that the Children’s Aid office should not only lose funding but should be shut down all together.

Don’t kid yourself people know at this time the acts being done by this private criminal office and the truth will be out soon. Don’t put the NDP party at risk by supporting this organization!!!!

Stand up for the families in Ontario and speak the truth about the CAS we know you are very aware of the acts being done every day the CAS open their offices up. I hope soon all the secret files held by this organization are opened up for a full review soon.

Out of control spending, fraud, and huge corruption are just a few of the daily acts by Children’s Aid offices on a daily basis’s.

Oshawa Security Systems
Kevin Ausman

Source: email from Kevin Ausman