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Names Removed

August 23, 2009 permalink

On April 8, May 6 and June 10 Chris Carter distributed a WRFU newsletter by hand in Waterloo Ontario. Those newsletters were enclosed verbatim on this website. The Waterloo Children Aid Society, its workers, some judges and a psychiatrist were described by harsh words including: illegal, offensively manipulative, sadistic, perverted, repulsive, dirty, severe and perverted, fraudulent, dirty, criminal, maliciously, brutalization, rape and destruction, filthy, disgusting, aggressively fraudulent, arrogant, elitist, abusive, violent rape, perversions, offences, violations, fraudulence, malicious prosecution, violent child abuse, sick, slickest, brutalize, demoralize, torture, anger. Dufferin VOCA does not use this kind of language to describe social services, except in an occasional instance, such as Easter Grinch Donna Lennon where a few of them apply. Just in case that was not clear, we enclosed a disclaimer before the posting of the harshest of Mr Carter's newsletters. Criticism of the WRFU kind is harmless, since no one takes it seriously. Children's aid is attempting to use the WRFU newsletters as a pretext to shut down the real information and opinion on Dufferin VOCA.

Since five persons have objected to having their names associated with Mr Carter's language, we have anonymized the names in the letters. More significantly, the material on this site has been reorganized so that, once search engines complete their next crawl, the names of the workers will not appear in searches pointing to this site. That should remain the case unless the litigation becomes so notorious that news of it spreads across the internet.