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Harm in Foster Care

July 9, 2009 permalink

On March 3 Bruce Children's Aid seized two children for their protection. The protection included drugs clonidine and Concerta for twelve-year-old Catherine and a prolapsed rectum for three-year-old Nicholas.



Jul 6, 2009 8:22 PM

Please help us

We are writing this email to voice our concerns with the Bruce Children's Aid Society and their lack of help in our case. We had our children taken from us in March/03 and are currently fighting in the family court system to try to get them back. We are also working with them in any way to show them that we are serious about being the best we can be in order to have our children back in our care.

Their concerns were family violence and marihuana smoking. My husband is attending Men's Group in hope of showing everyone he is serious about being the best parent he can be. We are both attending drug addiction counselling to try to quit smoking marihuana Ivan smokes to relieve stress in order to keep his epilepsy at bay. I smoke to relieve her anxiety issues. We have been making a concerted effort to quit and wean ourself off this drug. I have tested negative once in a drug test, and my husband is willing to be tested also.

Our 12 year old daughter Catherine has A.D.H.D. and O.D.D. and is having a very stressful time with the whole ordeal of being taken from her home, her room, her stuff and her family.She has just been taken out of her 2 foster home since she has been in care in March/03. She is regressing to the point of defecating in her pants and is now hitting out at her foster family. The CAS has also put her on Clonidine plus Concerta in order to supress her so that she behaves in her foster home. She should be sent home before it is too late and more damage is done to her.

Our 3 year old son Nicholas now has a prolasped rectum which occured once he got into foster care. I was having a supervised visit at CAS when he had to defecate and I noticed his prolasped rectum. We are being told this is because he is constipated which never happened to him in his real home. We are concerned that this is because of a possible sexual interference which occured since he left our home.

We have asked our worker repeatedly what we have to do to satisfy CAS so that our children may return to our care. She has been non-commital and we are feeling that the CAS system is doing more harm to our children than helping them. My husband is suffering from heart disease and diabetes and we feel that the stress is going to kill him before we see our children back in our care. We need a goal to work towards. Please help us with our situation.

Our email is [ kips34 at ]

Kip and Marian

Source: A & E TV Children's Aid Society Corruption message board