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10-Year-Old Jailed for Fight with Sister

June 8, 2009 permalink

Two sisters had a fistfight. When the cops found out, the ten-year-old was arrested and charged with a crime.



Rhonda and Reagan Green

10-Year-Old Jailed for Fight w/ Sister

Published : Monday, 08 Jun 2009, 6:03 PM CDT, Shaun Rabb

FLOWER MOUND, Texas - Police in Flower Mound arrested a 10-year-old girl over the weekend for fighting with her older sister. They handcuffed her, took her fingerprints and picture, and charged with assault.

Officers in the town about 25 miles northwest of Dallas say it's not the first time they've arrested a young child for family violence, because they say state law forces them to take action. This time, a young girl is charged with a Class A misdemeanor assault.

Reagan and Desiree Green get along pretty well most of the time, but they admit they sometimes clash like all sisters do.

On Saturday they were playing in a Flower Mound park when 10-year-old Reagan refused to follow 13-year-old Desiree's instructions. In fact, she went beyond just saying "no."

"She pushed me, so I just walked away from it," Desiree recalled. "The third time she pushed me, we just started fighting."

Someone saw them fighting and called police. An officer showed up and ultimately, the younger girl was arrested.

The girls were visiting family in Flower Mound and went back to their house. Officers arrived after them, minutes before the girls' mother.

Rhonda Green said the officers told her, "'This is criminal, and one of them is going to have to go to jail and it's probably going to have to your younger one because she was the aggressor,' and I said, 'Are you kidding me?' and he said, 'No, no.'"

"They handcuffed me and put me in the car," Reagan recalled. "He just told me he was going to take me to jail."

We asked the police what happened.

"Both of them had some injuries," said Lt. Clay Pierce of the Flower Mound Police Dept. "The one showed more serious injuries, so the other one was detained."

Pierce said this was a case of family violence.

"By state law we are required to take action and what we did, we detained the youngest one," he said.

"They fingerprinted my baby," said Rhonda Green. "My baby is in the system, for having a fight with her sister. She's ten."

When asked if the girls planned on fighting in public again, Desiree had a sensible answer.

"Not in public, but we're still going to fight like every other sister will," she said.

Flower Mound police are turning the case over to the Denton County District Attorney for further review.

Source: Fox Dallas/Ft Worth