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Report on Devon

March 4, 2009 permalink

Devon is now in remission from his cancer.



Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good news about "D"

I have been reporting about "D" for the past year on his health, his family, our many protests and supporting his family when it came to the impact of the Hamilton Children's Aid Society forcing "D" into chemotherapy.

I have spoken with the family on a daily basis, they have given me updates about his case, monitoring CAS' involvement with "D" and other relevant medical news.

Today I was informed that "D's" test results came back and the parents have been told that he is now in full remission (clinical or otherwise) a milestone has been crossed.

I always report the sad news, the corruption and the disabling effects that Children's Aid Society inflicts on families and children. I dont ever come across a happy story or a about turn in happy thoughts or positivity.

Yes it still exists. the corruption, the lies and false allegations against families. I will never stop writing about that or posting the truth about the CAS.

I am hoping that this remission is a success and "D" can live a more comfortable life. Although he is still going through maintanance chemotherapy, to maintain this remission. We can remain hopeful. Children's Aid Society did not make another statistic out of "D" another dead child in Ontario. This one scraped by with the support of his family, friends and supporters. Children's Aid cannot take credit for this one, They just removed a barrier that families can still fight back and protect their children.

As "D" has always stated the Creator has the power to heal, his family maintained their dignity and their stand for natural medicines and this time he has a fighting chance with the Creator by his side even with CAS lurking in the background...

Keep fighting!!!

We are here to protect families and children from Children's Aid Society. We need accountability and Ombudsman oversight of all CAS's in Ontario.

Posted by Advocate at 8:30 PM

Source: Mary Janiga blog March 3, 2009