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British Columbia Bullies Family

February 7, 2009 permalink

British Columbia child protectors took baby Bethany from parents Paul and Zabeth Bayne claiming shaken baby. They placed their other two children with their grandparents under a supervision agreement. On May 19 and 20, 2008, while that arrangement was in force, Global TV aired two stories on the family. You can view the second video on the Bayne blog, the source of the enclosed article, or our local copy (7 megabytes, flv).

Three weeks later the ministry reneged on their agreement with the family and seized the two children still in their custody. They have not been returned.



Saturday, January 3, 2009

Child Abusers or Caring Parents?

The above video aired on Global TV, May 20, 2008. Since its airing, a signed agreement with the Ministry of Children and Family Development from May 16, 2008 returning the two older children to the parents under a supervision order was canceled, as the Ministry felt that the parents had breached the mediation agreement by involving themselves and the children in an interview with Global TV. In fact though the interview was recorded the day prior to their mediation on May 15, 2008 and thus impossible for any breach. On May 19, 2008 Global TV did its first story on the family with the above follow up.

As a result the two older children who were already in a supervised living arrangement with the parents in the home of the Grandparents found themselves facing two police officers, the Director and social worker for the Ministry of Children and Family on June 12, 2008. The family was in the middle of birthday celebrations for the second child who was turning three and excited to have his other Grandpa there as well, who does not live in the area. Amid tears and screams from the children and family, those in power removed the two boys from their loving home in a violent and traumatic manner.

Statements from the Ministry's lawyer concerning their actions was that it was a "control issue". The Ministry has shifted the responsibility for their actions to their Practical Analyst with Service Quality. They say that the orders for immediate removal came from this source. Further research and inquiry by the mother found that the Practical Analyst did not have direct authority. They deal at arms length and only advise what fits the law. They hold no power to make decisions. She was told the decision in fact came from the Director and the Social Worker.

The Bayne family currently has eight completed and submitted experts reports that confirm their innocence to any abuse. These experts include: ophthalmologists, neuroradiologists, abuse specialist pediatricians, forensic pathologists, hematologists and biomechanics. They have ten more specialists that are currently reviewing their medical records and will be submitting their reviews shortly.

Regardless of the above submissions, the countless character reference letters, the petitions from the community and the obvious bond between the children and their parents, the Ministry has maintained its position. They require the parents to admit to guilt and if they don't do this, it is viewed as being uncooperative, as being a sign of denial and thus guilt and the actions of parents that are not truly interested in the best for their children.

At present the three children reside in foster care and are showing the effects of this prolonged separation. The Ministry has given the family one choice - trial. So in effect we seem to have the makings of yet another Goudge Inquiry in British Columbia.

Posted by F.U.S.E. at 9:24 PM

Source: Bayne family blog