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Laura Lee Doupe R.I.P.

September 15, 2008 permalink

Twenty-year-old Laura Lee (Dee) Doupe was a street kid addicted to drugs. She lost a baby girl to SIDS, then gave birth to a boy. How did the social services system help this woman? They took her second child away, driving her to suicide.

A website, composed in the style of Jessie McVicar, announces a memorial service for Laura Lee.

Her service will be held at the Shangri La Monastery back of the old village cemetery. At 2:00 pm Wednesday September 18th. We will make the executable avail for non H members the prior Tuesday on this sites front page.

Below you can expand the story as reported by John Dunn. It includes the note she left behind. Her distress was entirely related to the loss of her baby boy.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

CAS Causes Mother to Commit Suicide

More on this story will come but for now, here is the mother's suicide note who has been getting harrassed aggresively by CAS.

The full story will folllow:

Instead of being supported in her situation, she was aggressivly pursued to the point where workers lied in affidavits.

Mothers Suicide Note:

My mind just doesn’t make sEnce no more
Its like I’m hurting deep to the core
Please dear god make these thoughts go away
Please dear god I don’t want to live today
I look into my little boys eyes
Is our world built on lies
I feel like I can’t love him as much as I loved my little girl
It just hurts to much to think, I lost the fight for this world
Please dear god make these thoughts go away
Please dear god I don’t want to live today
I just can’t love you the same way, I can’t love the way I did
So long ago before I lost my baby girl to SIDS.
Please baby Michael don’t feel my hurt and anger
Just lay back my little baby in a manger
I’m sorry for bringing you into this horrible place
I’m sorry for the tears running down my face
My dear Michael I am sorry I can’t be the best mom like before
My baby boy I am so sorry I am so sore
My little boy I am just an addict I’m no good for you
That’s what they say and I’m thinking it’s true
Please my little boy if I have to go don’t be sad
Please understand these people think I’m bad
And I think I am too, all I think about is drugs
When I should be giving you kisses and hugs
Please my little boy don’t you ever miss me
Please just remember I love you please don’t cry for me
Little one I’ll always love you
Forever and for always that’s the truth

Please give this song a listen. It was written about a former client of the Ottawa CAS who recently committed Suicide.

Former CAS Ottawa Client - "Dee" Laura Lee Doupe (The Song)

Her 2006 Ottawa Municipal Election Campaign Site

In memory of a former CAS client

More to come as the story develops

Peace to you Dee.

Posted by afterfostercare at 10:58 AM

Source: John Dunn