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Mom Gets Cops on Her Side

July 20, 2008 permalink

Canada Court Watch reports on a case in which the police cooperated with a mother to destroy evidence collected by the father. A private investigator caught the mother imitating Monica Lewinski with a policeman. Below is an edited version of the CCW report.



Teens report that nobody, including the police, the CAS or the court listened to them while their mother abused them and their father for years

(July 20, 2008) A new video will soon be released in which three teens reveal how they were miserably failed by the system in Ontario which ended up rewarding their mother for abusing them and their father for years. They reported abuse by their mother to the authorities but nothing was done. After reporting that mother was abusing them, the children were put in the custody of their mother and forced to endure even more abuse. Dad was forced into virtual poverty trying to protect his children.

The oldest teen reports [tape recorded] evidence had been collected by the father. When the teen told the police to look at it, the police told the teen that it was not their job. Police refused to look at the evidence after taking it from the father and handing it over to the mother so that she could destroy [it].

A licensed private investigator's report in this same case given to Court Watch reveals that the mother was observed by a private investigator inside an undercover police car on a remote rural Ontario road with one of officers from the local police force and appeared to have engaged in sexual activity. Was this payback to one of the police officers for letting mom destroy evidence?

It's no wonder kids in Ontario are losing respect for the police and the courts. The kids are seeing for themselves how corrupt Ontario's family law system has become.

Source: Canada Court Watch article of July 20, 2008