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Ottawa Rally

July 11, 2008 permalink

On Wednesday July 9 about a dozen people participated in a CAS reform rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It was well short of the fifty people who had agreed to come. Among the participants were John Butts, Andrew Skinner and Lindsay, Cathy Norris, Christine Reid, Jacqueline Dratwa and Robert McQuaid. Only one Ottawa person came, a 59-year-old anonymous man who grew up as a CAS ward. The next day, Thursday, only four persons showed up by 11:25 am, so John Butts canceled that day's event at the parliament. But at noon, many of the participants returned, and about ten people continued the rally to the end of the day. Participation was too small to have an effect on policy, but one benefit was face-to-face meeting of people who previously knew each other only by internet.

Below is a more enthusiastic report by a participant.



screen name: luvmykids

Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:13 pm

The rally In Ottawa on the hill was a tremendous success! All the tourists and people visiting the hill were wonderful, we were approched by many different kinds of people who wanted to hear what we had to say, and also people that shared their own stories about CAS and the system. We recieved lots of signatures for bill 93, we were able to hand out about 200 flyers, giving out information that some of those people will share with others. It was nice to see people attend that I have talked to or met on this and other sites. We had fun, had some laughs, met some beautiful, kind people. We were treated with respect and given lots of encouragement just from the good response, with 0 negativity, except for maybe a sun burn or two and a blister

Thankyou to the people who organized this 2 day event, and thankyou to everyone who attended, you are all amazing.

Source: Canada Court Watch forum

Parliament Hill rally
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