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F4J Strikes Twice

August 8, 2008 permalink

Two members of Fathers 4 Justice dressed as Plywood Man and Spider Man occupied the roof of NDP leader Jack Layton's office at 221 Broadview Avenue, Toronto. They call the NDP the No Dads Party. Plywood Man is Mark Bogan, we do not know who Spider Man is. On the same day, British Fathers 4 Justice member Tim Line occupied the roof of family court judge Matthew Thorpe.

The two Toronto superheroes were arrested along with F4J member Denis Van Decker. The three men will have a bail hearing tomorrow at the courthouse at 444 Yonge Street (corner of College) at 10am.



The East York-Riverdale Mirror

BEACH: Bizarre protest at Layton's constituency office

Plywood Man (Mark Bogan) and Spider Man on roof of Jack Layton
Two men, with the group Fathers 4 Justice, stand on the roof of NDP leader Jack Layton's Broadview Avenue office Friday August 8.

Superhero-clad men demonstrate atop NDP leader's roof

BY JOANNA LAVOIE, August 8, 2008 04:03 PM

A portion of Broadview Avenue near Dundas Street East was still closed as of 4:45 p.m. Friday afternoon as two men staged a protest atop Toronto-Danforth MP Jack Layton's constituency office.

The protesters, one of which was dressed as Plywood Man and the other clad in a red and blue Spider-Man superhero costume, were expressing their disapproval with what they perceive as Layton's opposition to divorced or separated dads having equal access to their kids.

The men also draped a banner across the top of the federal NDP leader's East Toronto Chinatown's office.

A spokesperson from the Fathers 4 Justice group, an organization that advocates for the rights of both parents to raise their children despite separation or divorce, was also on hand. The group is believed to be behind the protest.

Local police as well as the Emergency task Force, fire and EMS crews were all on the scene.

Source: The East York-Riverdale Mirror

Batman protest at judge's house

Tim Line
Tim Line as Batman on judge's roof

Father Tim Line has dressed as Batman and is staging a protest on the roof of a judge's home in Seend, near Devizes, this morning.

Mr Line, a former solidier, is upset that a court ruled he could not have regular access to his daughters aged 14, 13, and 11.

He was originally given access to the girls but last year they told a judge they no longer wanted contact with him.

He has joined the Fathers4Justice action group and this morning climbed on to the roof of the Seend home of leading judge Lord Justice Matthew Thorpe.

In the past his home has been a target for the group which campaigns for fathers to have more rights. Paint has been smeered on its walls and banners placed on its gates.

Source: This is Wiltshire

The press release from Fathers 4 Justice clarifies why Jack Layton was the target.



For Immediate Release

August 8, 2008

Plywood Man Comes in from the Cold to declare NDP = No Dads Party

At 6 am this morning Spiderman and Plywood Man occupied the roof of Jack Layton's Constituency office and hung a banner declaring the *NDP* to be the *No Dads Party*.

Plywood Man has vowed to stay on the building until his two sons are brought to see him and Jack Layton officially supports Equal Parenting Private Members Motion M483. The two superheroes are well stocked and ready to stay.

Plywood Man began his mission for equal parenting 6 years ago in Yellowknife, NWT. With no tall buildings to climb he began his simple but persistent protest for equal parenting with large pieces of painted plywood. His campaign drew overwhelming community support and led to the unanimous resolution passed on June 17, 2008 by the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories in support of Equal Parenting and a call to NDP MP, Denis Bevington to support Private Members Motion M483 for Equal Parenting.

To date Mr. Bevington has been unable to publicly support the bill because he has been oppressed by his party and in particular NDP leader Jack Layton.

"I believe that the NDP is the No Dads Party. They are oppressing Mr. Bevington as well as Fathers and Families across Canada" said Plywood man.

Kris Titus, National Director of F4J Fathers 4 Justice Canada, calls on Mr. Layton and all elected officials to support M 483 with non partisan expedited reform to establish the equality of parents and to bring about real change to the Family Law Industry in Canada.

"The overwhelming majority of the Canadian public support Equal Parenting because it is common sense that children do better when raised by both parents. The Status Quo only serves to enrich Lawyers and impoverishes families financially and emotionally. The children are the real losers when one parent and their extended family are marginalized by biased family law courts" said Ms. Titus.

PHOTO OPS: Superheroes, Daily 1 pm Press Conference and 6 pm support protests

Videos on YouTube Search *F4JLayton *

LOCATION: 221 Broadview Avenue, Toronto

TIME: Ongoing – began at 6:00 am August 8, 2008

CONTACT: Nationally, Kris Titus 1-888-F4J Canada ( 1-888-345-2262 ) ext. 704

On Location, Denis Van Decker 1-888-345-2262 ext. 703

National Website:
Action Website….



Source: email from Kris Titus

Addendum: A photo from F4J shows the entire building with the banner.



No Dads Party

Source: F4J Canada website

Addendum: At the bail hearing, Denis Van Decker and Vi (Spiderman) were released on $10,000 bail each. Plywood Man (Mark Bogan) who during the incident used a threat to jump from the roof as a gambit to keep police from rushing him, was sent to a shrink. Source: email from Denis Van Decker.

Addendum: Toronto Police issued a statement (pdf) on August 11. It identifies one of the men as Vi−Nhien Tran, presumably Spiderman.

Addendum: Two years later after completion of legal action against Toronto F4J members, police returned a camera seized during the raid. The police never examined the tape, which contained pictures of the action. It is now on YouTube as F4J Protest 080808.