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Crown Ward Career

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NJM was born December 25, 1963. Six months later his father murdered his mother and NJM became a ward of the crown. He passed through several foster homes, and failed adoption placements. The queen, through the actions of the Northwest Territories child protection system, is the proud mother of an intelligent but dysfunctional son.

A court case includes a rap sheet so detailed it amounts to his biography. Some comments:

  • His childhood experiences come from his memories, as given to therapists. The foster care records would be more accurate, but this information is denied equally to children, parents, journalists, politicians and judges.
  • For a few entries marked xxx incident, refer to the source document for details.




Offender’s Background

Chronology of N.J.M.

25 December 1963

Born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Approximately June 1963

Birth mother killed by father prior to N.J.M.’s first birthday. Sent to Foster Home

25 December 1964

First Birthday

25 December 1965

Second Birthday

25 December 1966

Third Birthday


Spends One Year in an Institution

25 December 1967

Fourth Birthday


Returned to Yellowknife until 1972

25 December 1968

Fifth Birthday

Before 25 December 1969

Reports Suffering a Head Injury

25 December 1969

Sixth Birthday

1969 – 1976

Number of Foster Homes and Eventual Adoption. Reports five different adoption/foster settings and being beaten by various foster parents. Reports being teased and subject to racial slurs because he is native. Reports foster mother asked him to put his hand in her vagina.

1969 – 1971

Assessed by Psychiatrist at some point because he refused to talk for six weeks

Before 25 December 1970

Reports being placed in Orphanage

25 December 1970

Seventh Birthday


Reports being the subject to sexual abuse by a night worker in the orphanage.


Adopted by G. and C.G. and remains at this home until age 11. Reports never able to develop attachment to parents but did develop attachment to siblings.

Between sixth and seventh birthday

Reports failing Grade 2

25 December 1971

Eighth Birthday


Age 8, seen by Child Psychiatrist for purpose of placement with foster parents

1972 – 1979

Reports being placed in Reform School


Moved to Regina home for boys (Ranch Erhlo) until 1980. Reports being beaten by the older residents.

25 December 1972

Ninth Birthday

25 December 1973

Tenth Birthday


At age 11 began using alcohol

25 December 1974

Eleventh Birthday

25 December 1975

Twelfth Birthday

25 December 1976

Thirteenth Birthday


Leaves Adoptive Parents


Reports using alcohol

25 December 1977

Fourteenth Birthday

1977 -1978

At age 14 first heterosexual experience

25 December 1978

Fifteenth Birthday

25 December 1979

Sixteenth Birthday


Reports regular use of alcohol to Dr. Gojer

25 December 1979

Reports Being “dropped on the street on his own” from Reform School

22 July 1980

Sentenced in Regina

1. Theft suspended sentence, probation 18 months

2. Break Enter and Theft suspended sentence, probation 18 months

3. Possession suspended sentence, probation 18 months

(Probation until January 1982, but this was revoked on 12 Jan 1981 – See Line 15)


Left high school with grade 10

24 July 1980

KOLISH incident (Regina)

30 July 1980

Arrest for D.K. incident (arrested in B.C.)

15 August 1980

Sentenced in Regina (D.K. matter)

1. Break, Enter and Theft 3 months concurrent / probation 12 months

2. Theft 3 months concurrent / probation 12 months

3. Theft 3 months concurrent / probation 12 months

4. Unlawful confinement 9 months concurrent / probation 12 months

25 December 1980

Seventeenth Birthday

12 January 1981

Sentenced in Regina (change in sentencing)

Breach of Probation (Crown application to re-sentence)

Probation order of 22 July 1980 revoked and new Sentence

1. Theft 30 days consecutive

2. Break Enter and Theft 30 days consecutive

3. Possession 30 days consecutive

15 April 1981

Sentenced in Regina

1. Theft -- 6 months

2. Theft -- 30 days consecutive

27 July 1981

Sentenced in Regina

Being at Large 30 days consecutive

26 October 1981

Sentenced in Regina

Break Enter and Theft -- 6 months concurrent

25 December 1981

Eighteenth Birthday

18 March 1982

Sentenced in Regina

Break Enter and Theft -- 30 days / probation 2 years

20 April 1982

Sentenced in Regina

1. Possession -- 4 months

2. Theft -- 1 month consecutive

25 December 1982

Nineteenth Birthday

Approximately 1983

Starts Common Law Relationshiop

12 March 1983

C.M. incident (Regina)

14 March 1983

Arrest for C.M. incident (released, but date unknown)

21 October 1983

C.Y. incident (Regina)

24 October 1983

Arrest for C.Y. incident (released, but date unknown)

14 November 1983

Sentenced in Regina

Possession of Narcotic -- $175 or 15 days

14 November 1983

D.S. incident (Regina)

15 November 1983

Arrest for D.S. (not released)

14 December 1983

Sentenced in Regina (C.M. matter)

Assault -- 2 months

25 December 1983

20th Birthday

26 January 1984

Sentenced in Regina (YOUNG matter)

Assault Bodily Harm -- 9 months concurrent

27 January 1984

Sentenced in Regina (D.S. matter)(following preliminary inquiry)

Aggravated Sexual Assault -- 4 1/2 years

July 5, 1984

Assessed by Psychologist R. Loomes at Saskatchewan Penitentiary

25 December 1984

21st Birthday

5 September 1985 to 6 November 1985

Treatment (anger and sexual problems) at RPC, but discharged due to involvement with drugs

13 November 1986

Assessed by Dr. Botros (Psychologist) of Saskatchewan Penitentiary

25 December 1986

22nd Birthday

14 January 1986

Assessed by Dr. A Gordon and Dr. C.M. Green, Regional Psychiatric Centre (Prairies)

25 December 1987

23rd Birthday

6 February 1987

Mandatory Supervision Release

17 April 1987

A.N.P incident (Saskatoon)

4 July 1987

M.P. incident (Saskatoon)

17 July 1987

Reports to Parole officer that he quit his job.

Reports “stressful problems” with common law, J.R..

Referred to Employment Centre for Aptitude Tests.

30 July 1987

Completes Aptitude Tests.

14 August 1987

Reports frustration over future job and education prospects.

20 August 1987

Parole officer provides Saskatoon Police with updated photograph of N.J.M. because of concern that he involved in sexual assaults

27 August 1987

Appears for appointment with parole officer with black eye and scratches to the face.

18 September 1987

Parole officer interviews N.J.M. and Roberts and Roberts indicates that they are not spending much time together.

Roberts reports that N.J.M. goes out on his own with his friends.

Both deny use of alcohol or drugs.

Parole officer suggests counselling. Roberts is willing but N.J.M. refuses.

Parole officer informs Saskatoon Police that she is concerned that N.J.M. was responsible for sexual assaults in the area in the summer of 1987.

2 October 1987

Arrest for A.N.P and M.P. Incidents (Saskatoon)

2 February 1987 to 2 October 1987

Parole – intensive supervision.

8 October 1987

N.J.M. requests remand to federal custody from judge because he is afraid for his life in the Provincial Remand Centre.

13 October 1987

Parole officer conducts post-suspension interview of N.J.M. he has “fucking nothing to say.”

Preliminary hearing reported to be set for 10 and 11 February 1988.

Admits to things starting to go downhill at the end of July.

Admits to having been in a fight after a night of drinking at the Baldwin hotel the before his appointment on 26 August 1997.

Did not think breach of condition not to drink was serious.

Claims alibis to A.N.P and M.P. incidents.

14 October 1987

N.J.M. transferred to federal custody at Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

Short of following him around 24 hours a day, Parole officer opines that nothing else could have been done to prevent N.J.M. from committing A.N.P and M.P. incidents.

Parole Officer recommends revocation of mandatory supervision.

10 November 1987

Mandatory Supervision Revoked

30 November 1987

Recommitted to Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

25 December 1987

24th Birthday

6 January 1988

Advises that Common Law Wife is four months pregnant

Reports past use of alcohol and drugs excessively but does not blame intoxicants on criminal activity.

Reports assaultive behaviour was impulsive.

Reports that it is difficult for him to voice true remorse but voices shame and realises that he has ruined most opportunity provided to him in life.

Reports Grade 12 standing.

17 March 1988

National Parole Board orders detention to warrant expiry.

Approximately June 1988

Fathers Daughter

13 October 1988

Sentenced in Saskatoon (A.N.P / M.P. incidents)

4 ½ years on each (total 9 year aggregate sentence)

Sent to Saskatchewan Penitentiary

October 1988

Requests transfer to Drumheller Institution because he cannot survive in general population at Saskatchewan Penitentiary due to “enemies”.

Reports desire to take Computer Course.

Reports daughter four months old.

Inter-regional transfer recommended because of incompatibility issues in Prairie Region.

25 December 1988

25th Birthday

16 August 1989

Transferred to Kingston Penitentiary because he was unable to integrate into maximum security in the Prairie Region

25 December 1989

26th Birthday

26 September 1990

Institutional conviction disobey written rule

18 October 1990

Threatened staff member -- Institutional conviction - segregated

26 November 1990

Institutional conviction for Possession of Contraband

10 December 1990

Assessed by Dr. Bellemare – Reports Blackouts which he attributes to head injury before sixth birthday

25 December 1990

27th Birthday

19 May 1991

Refused direct order, found guilty / Institutional Conviction

25 June 1991

Writes letter to “J.Todd”

16 October 1991

Institutional conviction for possession of a Shiv, Possession of Contraband and throwing a tray

20 October 1991

Writes letter to Susanne Patry

22 October 1991

Assessed for Reduced Security and Denied

31 October 1991

Threw food tray, found guilty / Institutional Conviction

17 November 1991

Possession of brew, found guilty / Institutional conviction

15 December 1991

Segregated for good order of institution after throwing food tray at food service officer


Declined STS assessment at RTC because he was unwilling to give up cell at Kingston Penitentiary

25 December 1991

28th Birthday

10 January 1992

Dissociation following fight with another inmate, released 12 Feb 1992


Institutional conviction for Possession of a metal that could result in making a weapon

8 May 1992

Institutional conviction of inciting inmates to harm staff (One Correctional officer was assaulted) – segregated

4 June 1992

Recommended to be Transferred to Special Handling Unit

17 August 1992

Transferred to Special Handling Unit Quebec after assault on Correctional Officer

5 October 1992

Assessed by Dr. Alfred Thibault, Psychiatrist

Reports Having Four Year Old Daughter

23 October 1992

Charged with possession of contraband, found guilty

10 November 1992

Assessment by Dr. Gilles Brabant who Diagnoses Anti Social Personality Disorder

19 November 1992

Decides he does not wish to meet with Dr. Brabant

25 December 1992

29th Birthday

10 March 1993

Transfer from Special Handling Unit to Kingston Penitentiary

17 December 1993

Disobey order of staff, found guilty of institutional offence

25 December 1993

30th Birthday

16 March 1994

Assessment by Dr. Bellemare who indicates that convictions “point” to sexual sadism

2 May 1994

CSC Staff Recommend Detention Past Warrant Expiry given institutional conduct, lack of treatment.

6 May 1994

Assessed by Dr. R. Dickey, Psychiatrist.

Impressed as extremely psychopathic

Reported N.J.M. Tested Positive for Tuberculosis.

Reported treatment including intermuscular treatment with sex drive reducing agents vital.

Very High Risk of Offence

11 July 1994

Detained by National Parole Board beyond Statutory Release Date

4 October 1994

Charged with contraband, segregated and later found guilty

15 November 1994

Found masturbating while sitting on chair in cell, lights on, found guilty


Began writing S.C.

25 December 1994

31st Birthday

Early 1995

Completed the Spirit of the Eagle Programme

5 February 1995

Maintenance of Maximum Security rating recommended by C.S.C.

7 February 1995

Charged with having brew in cell, found guilty

17 February 1995

Wrote a letter to previous case management officer – letter seen as being ‘angry and disrespectful”.

Spirit of the Eagle Program in Progress

21 April 1995

Progress Report – Spirit of the Eagle Program.


25 May 1995

National Parole Board Confirms Detention Order made 11 July 1994

May to July 1995

Participated in Anger Management Programme (completed)

Final Report positive. Post-testing some anger scores remained somewhat elevated.

30 May 1995

Found with material necessary to make a still (burned)

10 October 1995 to 15 December 1995

Cognitive Skills Program (completed)

Final report positive although he did not complete homework.

30 November 1995

Test positive to THC – visits restricted

5 December 1995

Involved in fight with other inmate, dissociated until 06 Dec 1995. Institutional Conviction.

25 December 1995

32nd Birthday

18 January 1996

Disobey written rule, found guilty

4 March 1996 to 12 April 1996

Participated in Offender Substance Abuse Programme (OSSAP).

Active participation reported. Post test scores show “slight improvement” in most target areas. Relapse prevention needed.

16 April 1996

National Parole Board confirms Detention order

18 May 1996

Alleged to have assaulted correctional supervisor, N.J.M. intoxicated, admitted to dissociation. Later found not guilty of the assault.

Year Prior to 22 May 1996

Involved in at least three inmate assaults

22 May 1996

Reported involvement with Common law Spouse. Reported involvement in “Alternatives to Violence Project”. Transfer to Millhaven Institution recommended. Recommended Transfer to the Special Handling Unit in Saskatchewan.

23 May 1996

Transferred to Millhaven Institution

6 July 1996

SIR score correlates with one and three offenders not committing indictable offence upon reclease.

23 September 1996

Recommended Continued Detention beyond Statutory Release

20 December 1996

Returned to Kingston Penitentiary to facilitate participation in Sex Offender Treatment Program

25 December 1996

33rd Birthday

20 February 1997

Recommended Continued Detention beyond Statutory Release

Reported to be scheduled for Sex Offender Treatment Program at Regional Treatment Centre Ontario in March 1997

25 March 1997

Commences Sex Offender Treatment Program at Regional Treatment Centre, Ontario

4 April 1997

National Parole Board Confirms Detention to Warrant Expiriy

9 May 1997

Reported participation in the “basic” and “second level” of the Atlernatives to Violence Project.

Reported as active participant in Native Brotherhood.

SIR-R Score of –21 (1 in 3 offenders will not commit an indictable offence after release)

14 May 1997

Warden of Kingston Penitentiary Recommends Maintenance of “Maximum Security” Rating

28 May 1997

Assessed for Private Family visits

Approximatley June 1997

Slaps another inmate on the unit in the face.

15 July 1997

Recommended Transfer to Special Handling Unit in Quebec.

28 July 1997

Tests Positive for Codeine, Morphine and THC

30 July 1997

Dismissed from Sex Offender Program as a Result of Poor institutional behaviour and positive drug tests.

Offered individual therapy and declines because life would be too stressful back at Kingston Penitentiary to complete treatment.

Denies use of drugs and says urinalysis is a mistake.

8 August 1997

Correctional Service Notifies Kingston Police of Anticipated Release at Warrant Expirty on 10 October 1997

27 August 1997

Final Report – Sex Offender Treatment Program.

Demonstrated some change in attitudes and behaviours. Has difficulty integrating what he has learned into his behaviour.

10 October 1997

Release from Kingston Penitentiary

12 October 1997

Warrant Expiry Date for M.P. / A.N.P Sentencing

25 December 1997

34th Birthday

Until 1998

Reports regular use of alcohol to Dr. Gojer

20 January 1998

Assessed as a high risk to commit sexual offences.

30 June 1998

B.D. incident (Kingston)

4 July 1998

Arrest for B.D. incident

21 September 1998

Cellmate requests to be transferred toanother cell for his own protection because N.J.M. has a weapon.

30 September 1998

Another offender reports that N.J.M. assaulted him.

1 October 1998

N.J.M. has a spike shaped object in his possession. Pleads guilty to institutional offence and sentenced to close confinement for a period of up to 30 days and loss of privileges.

26 October 1998

Greeting card to N.J.M. intercepted which contained materials alleged to be controlled substances

29 November 1998

Paper clip sharpened to the point of a hypodermic needle found in N.J.M.’s cell.

25 December 1998

35th Birthday

24 June 1999

N.J.M. found to be instigator of assaults against other inmates and had threatened other inmates.

18 August 1999

N.J.M. identified muscling another offender for his canteen. Sharpened spike used to threaten other offender.

12 November 1999

N.J.M. charged with assaulting another offender. Pleads guilty and sentenced to close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days.

25 December 1999

36th Birthday

20 March 2000

Another offender complains that N.J.M. assaulted him. Close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days.

6 May 2000

Another offender complains that N.J.M. is threatening him.

20 May 2000

N.J.M. complains about a cellmate snoring. Advises that snorer should be moved or range will snap.

6 June 2000

N.J.M. and another offender observed by staff in physical altercation.

16 June 2000

N.J.M.’s cell is searched and it is discovered that his cell windows have been tampered with and metal pieces are missing.

9 November 2000

Date of Conviction

25 December 2000

37th Birthday

27 December 2000

N.J.M. states to security officer that “if they fuck with me I can fuck them.” Advises that he knows where a certain officer lives, that the officer has kids and where they go to school. States he has personal information pertaining to two staff members.

9 March 2001

N.J.M. observed protecting himself from assault by other inmate.

9 May 2001

N.J.M.’s cell is searched and officers located a piece of metal fashioned into a knife blade. He pleaded not guilty and received close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days.

28 June 2001

Hard plastic shank located in N.J.M.’s mattress. Pleaded guilty and received close confinement for a period not exceeding 30 days.

4 September 2001

Psychiatric assessment by Dr. Bradford filed

9 September 2001

Suspected of having a razor blade.

15 September 2001

Piece of sharpened metal found in N.J.M.’s cell.

24 September 2001

Requests to be placed in segregation due to feelings of stress and an extreme desire to harm others.

12 October 2001

Wilfully disobeys lawful order

25 December 2001

38th Birthday

23 April 2002

Intake Assessment at Millhaven Institution completed

24 April 2002

Psychological/Psychiatric Assessment Report

Did not wish to discuss predicate offence given status of appeal of LTO finding.

Advises predicate offence was consensual.

Describes sexual fantasies as “pretty boring compared to what they wanted” referring to prior assessments.

With respect to current sentence, offender stated that four years is not a punishment.

Reports involvement with a woman in British Columbia and intention to go to that province upon release.

Identifies victim awareness as a priority for treatment.

Indicates that he does not deal well with anger.

Opines that even after completion of sexual offender treatment programming he will always be at risk to reoffend.

Feels he lacks insight.

Feels he can “breeze” through treatment because of his intelligence.

24 May 2002

Tested Positive for THC

3 September 2002

Refused to provide Urine sample

7 October 2002

Unescorted Temporary Absence Eligibility Date

7 October 2002

Tested Positive for THC and Opiates

9 October 2002

N.J.M. impersonated another inmate to receive that inmate’s medication.

8 December 2002

Day Parole Eligibility Date

20 December 2002

Transferred to Atlantic Institution (Renous)

25 December 2002

39th Birthday

14 March 2003

N.J.M. in physical altercation with another inmate

2 May 2003

Correctional Plan Progress Report

2 July 2003

Anger and Emotions program (complete) Atlantic Institution

18 July 2003

Anger and Emotions Management Program Performance Report -- Final

24 November 2003

Detention Prescreening Recommendation No. 1

26 November 2003

Correctional Plan Progress Report

22 December 2003

Anger and Emotions Booster (complete) Atlantic Institution

22 December 2003

Substance Abuse Moderate (start)

Drug Abuse Screening Test – Severe

Problems Related to Drinking – a lot

Alcohol Dependency Scale – Substantial

Offender reports using a variety of drugs over his lifetime including THC, speed, cocaine, LSD, PCP, opiates (heroin, morphine, Dilaudid, Talwin), mushrooms, peyote, valium, Seconal, Fiorinal, beer, liquor, shine and homebrew.

Offender reports primary drugs of abuse are opiates and whiskey.

Until arrival at Atlantic Institution, offender reported using heroin and shine on a regular basis

Offender reports trying to quit drugs and alcohol on at least five occasions.

24 December 2003

Anger and Emotions Booster Program Performance Report – Final

25 December 2003

40th Birthday

9 January 2004

Correctional Plan Progress Report

20 February 2004

Offender Substance Abuse Pre-Release Program (complete)

8 March 2004

Correctional Plan Progress Report

11 June 2004

Reclassified as a Medium Security Inmate

27 July 2004

Correctional Plan Progress Report

27 July 2004

Tests positive for codeine/morphine and THC

29 July 2004

Psychological/Psychiatric Assessment

Offender’s Version of Offence History is the same as Dr. Bradford’s report dated 4 September 2001

Currently waitlisted to participate in Sexual Offender Treatment Program – High intensity. Previously willing to take the program but now wishes to wait until Dangerous Offender application is resolved.

Admits most crimes but downplays or minimizes them.

Does not recognise that he is a sex offender.

Denies sexual sadistic tendencies.

Appears motivated to change.

Intelligent and articulate.

High risk to reoffend in a violent and sexual manner.

Superficial level of remorse.

Limited empathy.

Limited insight.

Anti-social personality traits.

30 July 2004

Correctional Plan Progress Report. Offender is not a manageable risk without sex offender treatment. Residency would be sought.

11 August 2004

Assessment for Decision – 15:41 hours

Offender agrees with parole officer that he has had a difficult life and has been consumed with self-pity and seeing himself as a victim. Consequently he finds it difficult to see how he has victimized other people.

Reported to be very concerned about Dangerous Offender Application and it may well be that this application has brought the seriousness of his of the offences he has committed as well as the serous consequences thereof to the forefront of his thinking as never before.

Detention recommended until he demonstrates as far as possible, that he has made serious progress in the area of sexual reoffending.

19 August 2004

Senior Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Service of Canada refers case to National Parole Board to detain past Statutory Release date.

26 August 2004

Addendum to Assessment for Decision

Detention is the best option.

If released into community, he would be unmanageable on the street.

If released into the community, there is no alternative to residency.

Extra police reporting, contact with collaterals, more visits with Parole Officers, curfews etc are not sufficient to manage risk.

Past release is a good indivation of who he will react.

Nothing has been done to address violent sexual offending.

He has developed no community release plan.

31 August 2004

National parole board orders detention beyond statutory release.

10 September 2004

Ontario Court of Appeal Hears Appeal of sentencing decision of Cosgrove, J.

7 October 2004

Eligibility Date for Statutory Release

25 October 2004

Sexual Offender Treatment Program High Intensity begins

25 December 2004

41st Birthday

16 February 2005

Sexual Offender Treatment Program High Intensity Pre Program Assessment

Pretreatment risk of Sexual Redivisim judged to be high

3 March 2005

N.J.M. smoking in a non-smoking area

31 March 2005

Ontario Court of Appeal releases decision allowing appeal of sentencing decision of Cosgrove, J.

2 May 2005

Sexual Offender Treatment Program High Intensity Interim Report

13 June 2005

Correctional Plan Progress Report

13 June 2005

Assessment for Decision

Current Risk High Until completion of sexual offender treatment.

Currently achieving gains in treatment.

Offender advises author of report that he is undecided as to whether he will continue with programming objectives if the Dangerous Offender application is supported by the courts.

17 June 2005

Assessment for Decision

30 June 2005

Sex Offender Program – Intensive (complete) Dorchester Penitentiary

12 July 2005

Sex Offender Program Final Report

Static Risk Factors for Reoffence Remain High

Dynamic Risk Factors for Reoffence now Moderate

12 July 2005

National Parole Board orders detention beyond statutory release.

7 September 2005

Intake Assessment Completed

25 December 2005

42nd Birthday

4 February 2006

Warrant Expiry Date

25 December 2006

43rd Birthday

13 May 2007

Offender sees Dr. Gojer

10 June 2007

Offender sees Dr. Gojer

Source: Canadian Legal Information Institute
pointed out by Karol Karolak