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Angelica Leslie's Dad in Jail

August 12, 2008 permalink

Why would a family with four children keep three of them and abandon one in a freezing parking garage? Chances are it did not happen that way. The extreme secrecy surrounding this case prevents the family from telling their side, and the dad has been kept in jail without bail, further ensuring his silence. We have a still-unconfirmed account of what really happened, and if true, it explains why children's aid and the prosecutors are trying so hard to keep the lid on. Once again, if you know anyone who can confirm the facts, please notify us at [ rtmq at ].



Court denies bail again

Posted By THE CANADIAN PRESS, Posted Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just weeks before a man was charged with abandoning his baby daughter -- dubbed Angelica-Leslie -- in a frigid north end stairwell, he wrote police saying he was at his ``wit's end'' at his treatment and threatened to return to his homeland, court heard Monday.

The unemployed 30-year-old accused, who cannot be named because it could identify his children, failed in his second bid for bail on Monday.

Superior Court Justice Frank Marrocco denied his motion to quash a July 24 lower court detention order.

Marrocco said he was concerned by the man's letter, dated May 5, 2008, to Toronto police Det. Keith Moxley, that stated, ``I am making preparations to travel back to my home.''

The man wrote that he was ``frustrated and at my wit's end'' at his treatment by police, who were investigating him.

He asked police to ``please present documentation'' proving that he could not leave the country for a vacation, otherwise he would.

The man and his wife were arrested in Kitchener on May 21 and charged with failing to provide the necessities of life, assault and abandoning Angelica-Leslie.

She was found on Jan. 30 in a plaza parking lot.

They both deny being her parents.

In late June, the police laid additional charges against the couple, including assault and failing to provide the necessities of life.

The charges relate to the couple's three other children, all under age 6.

The wife was granted bail in June.

The man returns to court Aug. 25.

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Source: The Chatham Daily News