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Privatizing Foster Care

June 10, 2008 permalink

A new website has appeared, Urban Fusion. It does not give a street address, but the domain was registered on March 5, 2008 to Urban Fusion, 433 Jarvis Street, Toronto Ontario M4Y 2G9.

We are not sure what Urban Fusion is, but it could be part of a new effort to privatize foster care. If foster care is to be administered by a for-profit corporation, or some kind of theoretically non-profit subsidiary of social services, it will make the condition of foster children even worse. Services in which consumers can voluntarily select among providers, such as groceries, are best provided by private, for-profit suppliers. Services for which the consumer has no choice, such as prisons, are better provided by public agencies. For in-depth reasons for this, we suggest the book Systems of Survival by Jane Jacobs.