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More Support for Chemo Boy

May 13, 2008 permalink

There was more activity in support of the Hamilton boy getting involuntary chemo therapy. We enclose two grass-roots reports, and the news report of CHCH-TV. From the third article, here is the link to video coverage.



Monday, May 12, 2008

Children's Aid Society Protest (part 3)

Canadian Native Flag

We had a great day today despite the wind and the rain. We raised our Native flag high and were there to support a sick child and his mother.

See the news clip on CHCH tv Hamilton.

Posted by maryjaniga at 7:49 PM

Source: blog of Mary Janiga for May 12, 2008


CAS seizes sick boy to give him chemo

Reply #6 May 12, 2008 at 3:11pm

Thanks to child assist services and all in attendance we were able to negotiate access between mother and sick child.

It was not until we brought out our trusty bullhorn and embarrassed McMaster and the children's aid did they allow access to take place in exchange for us to stop using the bullhorn. The exchange was made and the family was able to visit the child.

The turn-out was great. The media was all over the place again. We will be on the news at 6 and again at 11. We have been mentioned in most newspapers (child assist services) is being recognized as a valuable service in the Hamilton area. Tomorrow we will once again join together in the hopes that the child will be returned to his parents.

We will be meeting up at the family court house in Hamilton (Main and McNabe) at 2 pm. The media will also be there, we are expecting an even greater turn-out tomorrow as we have gained a lot of support from the community as many people were just walking off the street to inquire about the child assist services. In turn we have gotten the word out, made friends all for a good cause.

Anyone wishing to attend tomorrow is welcome to join the child assist services at the family court house.

We are all hoping tomorrow the child is returned to his parents but if not we are in this for the long haul.

There is much more to be done people and as you can see three people who join together with the same goal in mind (to bring accountability in the system) can make a difference. WE MADE THAT DIFFERENCE TODAY

A special thanks to the founders of the child assist services and to all those who came out and showed there support

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun, posting under screen name moldessa

Protestors: "We have a native child being held hostage"

Boy, 11, forced to undergo chemo: "leave me alone"

Al Sweeney, CHCH News, Published: Monday, May 12, 2008

A remarkable scene outside McMaster Children's Hospital today in a story we first told you about last week. The parents and supporters of a young leukemia victim protesting outside the hospital. They're furious that the eleven-year-old boy is being held against his will by the Children's Aid Society and forced to undergo chemotherapy he doesn't want. Al Sweeney has the latest.

Family members and supporters lined up across from the boy's room.

"We hear your voice buddy. Come to the window and wave to us."

But for much of the day the blinds were drawn.

His stepmother and a long-time family friend sang one of his favorite songs.

"One dream can change the world."

His supporters struggled with tears and anger.

"Its its its just (covers face and cries) it's (turns away)"

They say the boy's treatment is wrong. And call this abuse of a child whose family says they're M├ętis, part native.

"We have a native child being held hostage in McMaster Children's Hospital at this moment, stolen by the Children's Aid Society of Hamilton." -Swayze Brook, Protestor

We can't identify the boy or his family for legal reasons.

He was kept in the hospital under a court order last week and forced to undergo chemotherapy .... even though he says it makes him so sick he doesn't want the treatment and his family says it has little chance of success.

The boy told us by telephone the treatment is not fair:

"I just want them to leave me alone. I'm doing the right thing. I'm taking natural medicine. They don't, they're not listening."

Throughout the day, protestors came and went. And others were touched by the plight of the boy and his family. Francine Thibodeau brought his mother games for the boy to play in hospital.

"I think he should be able to speak for himself. if he needs a break, he needs a break." -Francine Thibodeau, supporter

The next step in this dispute with a boy's life in the middle is expected to take place in court.

The family has hired prominent Toronto lawyer Marlys Edwardh to fight their case and says the Children's Aid Society is going to ask for formal custody of the boy on Tuesday afternoon.

The society doesn't confirm that.

They say they feel for the parents and the plight of the child ... but have to carry out their mandate and a court order.

Source: CHCH TV