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Cathy Norris Threatened

January 14, 2008 permalink

A judge has threatened Cathy Norris with removal of her son. Not to protect the son from abuse, but to punish Cathy if she goes ahead with plans to publish details of wrongdoing by child protectors. Is this really the best interest of the child?



Judge threatens to remove child

Judge Thibideau of Brantford’s Family Court threatened to remove my son if I publish anything about our family court nightmare and the perjury of people in the family court system. This threat and complete ban is to last even after our family court nightmare is over.

On January 7th, 2008 I was in court as Brantford Children’s Aid wishes to end this court case, no supervision order. They have no child protection concerns.

It is the Office of the Children’s Lawyer who wants to prolong this for the only purpose of keeping a non-publication ban against me. The lawyer from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer asked Judge Thibideau to keep this ban against me even when the court case is over with. They wish to permanently try to keep me from speaking out about their injustice.

My children and I have witnessed and well documented many lies from the Kingston Children’s Aid and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer from Kingston, Lili Kramil Marcus lying and acting discreditably.

Last month the Office of the Children’s Lawyer threatened to put me in jail if I publish the tapes I have of Lili Kramil Marcus lying and acting discreditably. I told them that I would publish it as well as any tapes of them threatening to throw me in jail for publishing it. Unfortunately after two years of going through this Family court system we are now so impoverished that we lost our phone, cable and internet service so I am delayed in publishing.

The Office of the Children’s Lawyer is not interested in representing my son. Their only interest is in protecting themselves.

I was shocked in court when the Office of the Children’s Lawyer asked for a ban even after our case was closed. Judge Thibideau immediately after the lawyer’s request started looking through his law book to find a law to support what the Office of the Children’s Lawyer wanted. There was no attempt from him to listen to any arguments from me about the publication ban. I became quite angry and said that there is no way that will happen.

I said that perjury is not covered under the Family Service Act, meaning the perjury committed by workers at the Kingston Children’s Aid. This is when Judge Thibideau threatened to remove my son.

Judge Thibideau threatened to remove my son for no other reason than if I should publish the perjury and misconduct by the Kingston Children’s Aid and the lawyer from the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Lili Kramil Marcus. The are no abuse issues and as stated before court from the Brantford CAS worker my son is not abused. So this has nothing to do with child protecting, only in protecting themselves.

In the whole of this two years there has been no trial. No interest from any Judge to look at the evidence. I will note that Judge Robertson from Kingston has published her endorsement of this case. It is available on the internet. This is from a court where she refused to adjourn so that I could be there and she refused to allow any of my evidence. That is published from the family court. Totally biased that they would so threaten me if I were to publish the material they refused to look at while they refused to have me in court.

This is not a system that has the child’s best interest. This is a money making monopoly.

This is the same Justice Lawrence Thibideau who did not think that Andrew Osidacz’s assault on his wife warranted jail time and he was still allowed to see his son unsupervised. Andrew Osidacz went on to kill his son and stab two other people. I however would be guaranteed jail time if I were to publish this and my son would be removed and I would only see him under supervision. Yes despite the fact there is no abuse.

Jared Andrew Osidacz, 8. Brantford. Jared was stabbed to death by his father at the home of the father’s girlfriend and her 8-year-old daughter. His girlfriend and her daughter were also stabbed, but survived and were taken to hospital. Approximately an hour later, police shot Andrew Osidacz to death at another residence where he was holding his ex-wife (Jared’s mother) at knifepoint. Osidacz had been convicted in 2003 of assault on his ex-wife. He was ordered to do 75 hours of community service and to give $300 to Nova Vita Women’s Shelter, as well as to participate in programs. Justice Lawrence Thibideau did not think the crime warranted incarceration. Osidacz was ordered to have no contact with his wife, but an exception was made for contact with Jared through a family court access order. (March 2006)

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun, edited for grammar and spelling