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Jack Stratton for Congress

February 24, 2008 permalink

Jack Stratton is running for Congress. Mr Stratton had his ten interracial children taken by the State of North Carolina. In 2004, he ran for the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners and got 13 thousand votes. Now he is running for congress in the ninth district (Charlotte suburbs).



Sun, 24 Feb 2008 02:41:38 -0000

I am running for U.S. House from the 9th District of North Carolina.

Here is what we're about:

First, we will get our ten children back and put their kidnappers in prison.

My positions are as follows:

1. 100% Pro-Life. Life begins at conception. No exceptions.

2. Repeal all federal child abuse laws, abolish "Child Protective Services", and turn child abuse investigations over to local police departments. No interference with the family unit unless an arrest is made and the arrested person is afforded all constitutional protections. Remove the alleged perpetrator instead of the child (ren).

3. Repeal VAWA and all federal "domestic violence" laws.

4. Get the U.S. out of the UN and the UN out of the U.S.

5. Abolish the Department of Education. Absolute protection for parent's right to educate their children without state interference.

7. Abolish all federal social programs and return the money to the people who worked for it.

8. NUREMBERG II trials for those who have perpetrated crimes against children and crimes against humanity.

Join our NUREMBERG II Yahoo group at:

9. We can beat the incumbent because we have evidence of her coverup of federal crimes, including crimes against our children.

12. My office will be open to people in all 50 states. I will fight corruption wherever it is found.

13. I will fight corruption through DIRECT NON-VIOLENT ACTION and if necessary NON-VIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE. I have proven I will do this, as I have already been arrested several times had at least two physical attempts on my life. I don't just "vote" for what's right, I fight for what's right.

Our campaign could use Windows XP Pro or VISTA software and DREAMWEAVER or FRONTPAGE software. If anyone has used copies (must be legit, not pirated) of the above software you're no longer using, please consider donating it to the campaign. Sorry it is not tax deductible.

If anyone would like to contribute to our campaign for U.S. House please make checks payable to AMERICAN FREEDOM CAMPAIGN.

You can call for more info or to just talk to me or Kathy.

Jack and Kathy Stratton
615 W. Second Ave.
Gastonia, NC 28052


Jack and Kathy

Source: email from Jack Stratton