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Adoption for Dollars

November 19, 2007 permalink

The Windsor Star, a medium sized newspaper, published a letter severely critical of children's aid. How long will it be until the Toronto Star does the same?



Agencies benefit from adoptions -- not kids


The Windsor Star, Published: Saturday, November 17, 2007

Children in the care of the province are being marketed like commodities. Does the public not realize that each child has a $10,000 provincial adoption bonus on his/her head, payable to the local child welfare agency?

A Star article shows that the province will accept just about anyone who is not on social welfare themselves as prospective parents. It even says it will consider people with previous criminal records, provided the crime is not too heinous.

Seventeen-year-olds are practically adults. Are they really suitable material for adoption? Should impressionable children be sent into homes with alternative lifestyles?

Increased numbers of Crown wards represent increased agency wealth and more service sector jobs.

The "best interests" of children is not the creation of huge social welfare agencies nested in luxurious quarters built at the expense of poor parents and innocent children.



Source: Windsor Star