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More Threats for Cathy Norris

October 22, 2007 permalink

Cathy Norris has posted a new video, along with mention of a new jail threat.



Video-group homes


Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:08 pm

Video on group homes. Secret tape of a CAS worker stating that “group homes are not ideal, so we obviously would not want to do that.” talking about where my son would be placed after he ran away from the group home and I was put in jail because he ran away from the group home.

The office of the Children’s lawyer has threatened to throw me in jail for my videos. So as can be expected I am working hard on more. I lost my computer for a while as it was getting fixed. Now I should be cut off services soon. (supposed to have been cut off Saturday) So if I am not answering anyone it is only because I don’t have internet. While I am down I will be working hard and I hope to be up and running soon.

Source: Canada Court Watch Forum