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DC Rally

August 19, 2007 permalink

The rally in Washington DC did not make the news services. Below is a preliminary report by the organizer Ron Smith, taken from a public posting by AFRA. More details, including pictures, should be available when the participants return home to post them to the web.




Let me give you an update. The rally was phenomenal. Fox did interview at the rally. As did many other news and radio programs who interviewed me there at the Lincoln Memorial. It was organized and without incidents. Our speakers forgot their time constraints but for the most part, IT WAS WONDERFUL. We have not seen this kind of networking ever in this movement. We had three-time super bowl champion Tim McKyer who spoke and turned people on, Judge Willie Lipscomb from Detroit had the same reaction as did all of the speakers. The stage was loaded with stuffed animals that spilled into the walkway in front of the stage. It was a sight to see.

There was more hugging, by people who only knew others by their emails and post, than you could imagine. Everyone met others that they knew from this medium.

This was the greatest first step imaginable for well deserved change. This will mean absolutely nothing if we don't continue to work just as hard beginning on Monday!!!! WE HAVE UNITED LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!

Ron Smith

Source: AFRA Newshawk

Addendum: Extensive reports on the rally, including videos, are now available from Glenn Sacks and John Murtari. Participation was in the hundreds.

Addendum: The ACFC has videos of all speeches at the rally. Another list is on the dcrally2007 website. Click on the names at the left, for most the wmv file of their speech is on their individual page.