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Fathers Climb Lincoln Memorial

August 17, 2007 permalink

The memorial to Abraham Lincoln, liberator of America's slaves, was climbed today by Fathers-4-Justice, hoping to achieve similar freedom for fathers. Two men have been arrested. Below is the announcement from Fathers-4-Justice. You can also watch a video made by Mark Tang F4J UK Storms the Lincoln Memorial Aug-17-07(1) on YouTube.



Breaking News: Lincoln Memorial Climbed by F4J UK

Washington, DC —

Two British activists from Fathers 4 Justice UK have just landed on the Lincoln Memorial. Jolly Stanesby (aka Batman) and Mike Downes (aka Captain America) have climbed The Lincoln Memorial because of Abraham Lincoln’s connection with the abolition of slavery.

This humanitarian mission is designed to save children and parents from the ravages of the for-profit divorce industry that terminates the parental rights of thousands of Americans daily. Many believe these courts and actions are unconstitutional, and much is being done to seek federal intervention. About every two seconds a child’s bond with one good and fit parent is terminated because of a family law system and divorce industry that is in need of serious reform. States receive billions of federal dollars annually as incentives to drive up child support that is paid by American taxpayers.

Jolly Stanesby has been involved in more than fifteen different civil disobedience actions to help children in the UK, and has a dream that someday all American and British parents will be treated equally. He hopes that the family court systems will acknowledge what science has known for decades, that children grow up far better when they have near equal time with both parents.

Fathers 4 Justice has been a nonviolent direct action organization since 2002 and has had a major impact on the treatment of fathers and children in family courts.

Fathers-4-Justice climb the Lincoln Memorial

Source: Fathers-4-Justice (US)