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Take More Children!

May 16, 2007 permalink

The Saskatchewan children's advocate wants to take more children from mom and dad in the name of safety. This is the kind of report we can expect in Ontario as long as the child advocate is a career social worker.



CBC News

Cultural, political agendas put ahead of needs of Sask. kids: report

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 | 3:12 PM CT The Canadian Press

Family ties, cultural issues and political agendas are being placed ahead of the welfare of kids, Saskatchewan's children's advocate said in a report released Tuesday.

Marvin Bernstein said in his annual report that children are being left in homes where there is too much risk of harm, and too many chances are being given to some parents.

He said it is important to have the family and cultural needs of children met.

But in his annual report, the advocate warned that those needs don't trump safety considerations or the need for protection.

The report, tabled in the legislature Tuesday, says the Saskatchewan Child and Family Services Act is "out of step" with most child protection statutes in Canada.

Bernstein is calling on the province to commit to a plan to raise the standard of services for children and youth.

Source: CBC