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Best Kid Culled

March 8, 2007 permalink

Another personal story found on the internet. It is another "Sophie's Choice" scenario, in which CAS lets mom and dad keep two kids, they want the other to place with grandma.



Bitten By The Scorpion

I have been bitten by the scorpion!

The scorpion being the Children's Aid Society. They have been involved in my family's life for seven and a half years, and they sting is still just as painful. They have been trying to take our son away since he was six months old, and just couldn't seem to do it. But now they just may have found a way to keep him away from us forever. With the help of my "loving" mother of course. They will allow us to have our daughters but not our son, and for th life of us all, no one can figure out why. Especially since they think we're good enough parents to our daughters that it is safe for them to close their file. But yet they would rather have my mother gain full custody of our son. It really doesn't make much sence. My husband has been reduced to supervised access and now must see his son under the close scrutiny of the CAS. That is completely unjustifiable. But what makes it worse is that he is only allowed to have 2 hours a week. Worse still is now they are trying to make things even more difficult for husband by making him sign his life away in paper work before he caneven get to see his son, and if he were to not follow any of the supposed rules for thereputic access, his visits will cease and desist effective immediately. But yet when he was having visits before he didn't have to sign a thing and the so called rules were not nearly as overbearing. The CAS is doing everything in their power to make excuses as to why my husband should be refused his access and they are stalling so that my mother can gain custody of our son.

All of this is because my mother wanted a little boy and she got me instead. And I got to have the little boy that she has always wanted with a family that she has hated for the past twenty-seven years....

In the end it isn't really about a child's wellbing it's about money and power over the less fortunate. Greed is a very powerful thing...I just hope that my son and two daughters can survive the backlash.

We'll just see how much the scorpion will sting when it's under the heel of my boot!!!

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