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Cole Norris Busted

March 24, 2007 permalink

justiceseeker has posted several videos on YouTube of the harassment of Cole Norris by police. An attempt to enroll Cole in school resulted in a call to the police. A later video "Police search for Cole Norris", shows five police cars surrounding the family home.

On the video Cathy Norris says that, when visiting the CAS office the day before, she went out for a cigarette and she and Cole were locked out of the building. Cole did not want to wait to go back in. Cathy describes what happened next with the clear words: "He took off". Twice the policeman misquoted her, claiming she said "We took off".

Addendum: Three more videos were added the next day. In part 1, 15 year old tells cops, the police find out that Tyson missed a year of school and orthodontic treatment on account of CAS intervention. In Part Two. Police harass 15 year old boy. Want to fingerprint, police accuse Tyson of being an impostor, and try to get fingerprints or a DNA sample. In part three after police question passers-by on the street, a Brantford CAS worker confirms Tyson's identity. As of now, Cole has no known roof over his head, and subject to harm by exposure. All in the best interest of the child.