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Family Cut in Half

April 15, 2007 permalink

Remember the two women who appeared before King Solomon, both claiming to be mothers of the same baby? The king ordered the baby cut in half, with half given to each woman. The real mother chickened, begging Solomon to give it all to the other woman, rather than see it harmed.

Here is a current case of a mother compelled to give up her baby to save it from harm.



April 14, 2007

Desperate mom denied

Children's Aid refuses to hold baby in child protection when single woman is deported to China


Hong Zhang with baby Sherry
(Mark O'Neil/Sun Media)

MISSISSAUGA -- Single mom Hong Zhang cried a river of tears yesterday after learning she can't leave her baby daughter in Canada with Children's Aid when she is deported to her native China.

Zhang, 39, broke down after leaving the agency's Peel offices, where she had tried to place her only child.

She was told 1-year-old Sherry will be put up for adoption as an abandoned child if left behind, but Zhang wants the girl to sponsor her back to Canada some day.

"I feel very sad right now," Zhang said. "I do not want Sherry to go to China. I want her to have a better life in Canada."

As Zhang wept, the baby started crying and had to be cradled.

"My child will not have much of a future in China," she said through interpreter Jane Lou. "At least here she has some kind of future."

Roy Kellogg, Zhang's immigration consultant, said it can take more than 20 years for Zhang to be sponsored back to Canada by Sherry, who must first reach age 18.

Kellogg said the Canadian-born child will be treated as a second-class citizen if sent to China, where laws ban children out of wedlock. He said Sherry will be stigmatized and will not get health coverage, be allowed to attend school or to obtain Chinese citizenship.

As a single mom, Zhang also faces a fine of $140,000 a child for returning to China with children, Kellogg said.

Zhang came to Canada in 1997 and filed an unsuccessful refugee claim and appeals. She is to report to immigration next Wednesday to make deportation arrangements.

Lucie Baistrocchi, a Peel Children's Aid spokesman, said yesterday each child has to be assessed as requiring protection before they're accepted as wards.

"We are not aware of any child protection issues in this case," Baistrocchi said. "There has to be a child protection issue."

Anna Pape, of the Canada Border Services Agency, said her officers must deport those who have exhausted all avenues for staying here.

"Our job is to enforce the laws of the land," Pape said. "We don't decide who gets to stay in Canada."