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Support Mother

January 4, 2007 permalink

The bail hearing for Allison Quets, accused of kidnapping her own children, will be held this morning. John Dunn asks for supporters to come to the courtroom in Ottawa.



Please if you can show up at the Ottawa Court House to support a mother who had her children adopted from her at birth and ran to Canada. She had her children adopted out while suffering post-partum depression.

You can be at the court house and see the case of "R vs Quets" I think. Quets is the key name on the schedule sheet.

161 Elgin Street
Ottawa, Ontario
10:00am (my guess as to the time of the Bail hearing) This case has high media coverage and Sean McKibbon of the Ottawa Sun is going to be there I am almost sure of it and maybe other media.

The story can be viewed in video format below:

Source: email from John Dunn

Addendum: There is an online petition in support of Allison Quets.

Addendum: Jessie McVicar (Bizzi) was in the courtroom. Here are slightly edited versions of two of his reports:



Well again I am reminded of how much I hate reporters. I got to the courthouse about 15 minutes early. For what ever reason the reporters sat all around me.

Poor Allison. My heart goes out to her. She looked so sad. It's odd I never felt pity for myself when I sat in that box. But seeing a mother who was doing what she thought was best for her children sitting in that box disgusted me. On top of it there was a reporter sitting on the left hand side of Sean (Sun reporter) who couldn't stop talking about how he quit drinking and smoking. And how it was getting bad and how he had to pound back cups of coffee.

I guess that could explain why we never get the right story from reporters. None of them were aware I was not a reporter.

Anyway Allison Quets' lawyer ate through the crown like me and a nicely fresh cooked apple pie. (Boy I sure had the wrong lawyer). Safe to say she is free and my faith in humanity a little restored. Why?

A police officer or ex, I am not sure, opted for bail etc. I had a hard time hearing because of the reporters talking about their drinking problems and other B.S. (Hey press, kinda hard to listen and talk at the same time isn't it?)

Allison Quets had a shit load of support. And it showed. I am not a reporter so if you want more info it will be on the news. Their were tons of media.

Today out of 20 years in the system I finally got to see real law in action and a nice caring police officer (or ex) I almost choked on my gum. No court date I ever had was like that. That was real law in action. If parents and children had that kind of support and lawyers in their corner I suppose I would be able to say that more often.

It really saddens me that I can't. I want nothing more to be a proud Canadian. Hard to be proud when the only reason your not dead while in care was that I ate garbage while sleeping outside hiding from care..

There was a media ban on the actual hearing. But good thing I am not media huh? Got the audio though if B.S should arise. Rest assured, I know what to do with it. But the media ban was not for a bad reason, even I understood the need for it. When it went into recess you should have heard the reporters on their cell phones and to each other, talking about getting a lawyer because of the media ban.

When in fact just specific details were banned like the people helping Allison Quets and standing in her corner.

Today I guess I understand why I don't like reporters naturally. Could not put my finger on it, until today.

Source: Sarnia's Smoking Gun discussion board

Addendum: Here is the story from one of the (unsigned) reporters lambasted by Bizzi:



Judge grants bail to U.S. mom accused of kidnapping twins

Canadian Press

Thursday, January 04, 2007

OTTAWA (CP) - An American woman accused of kidnapping her 17-month-old twins from their adoptive parents has been released on bail.

Allison Quets was released to the custody of two Canadian couples Thursday after almost $18,000 in bonds and cash were posted by Quets and the couples. Quets will be staying with Mark Thompson, a retired police officer, and his wife Mary until Monday when she must report to Ottawa police and then return to the United States.

A publication ban has been placed on the Thompsons' address until Monday.

The other couple who vouched for Quets is Mark and Mary Jo Formosa, the owners of a bed and breakfast in Kingston where Quets stayed with her twins over Christmas.

In arguing that Quets be released on bail, her lawyer told Judge Charles Hackland that his client presents a "low-flight risk."

Jeff Schroeder said it has always been his client's intent to return to the United States to face charges there and to further pursue custody of her children.

"She's going to continue that fight. There is still an appeal in effect and that is what she intends to do Monday morning - voluntarily waive extradition and go back there and get her children back."

Schroeder said Quets was "very emotional" upon hearing she was released on bail.

"She's still a little numb, I think from what has occurred over the last number of days, but also as a result of the immense show of support the Canadian people have shown her."

An FBI warrant was issued for Quet's arrest after she failed to return the twins to their adoptive parents in North Carolina on Christmas Eve.

Quets says she was in the midst of a post-partum illness when she gave the newborns up for adoption.


Addendum: Allison Quets will remain in jail until trial.



January 26, 2007

Mother accused of kidnapping twins to remain in jail

RALEIGH, N.C. A woman charged with international parental kidnapping for fleeing the country with 17-month-old twins will remain in jail until her trial. A federal judge in Raleigh ruled today that there is too much risk that Allison Quets would flee again if let out.

Quets is the twins' birth mother. Authorities have said she had the twins during an authorized visit the weekend before Christmas but didn't return them to their adoptive parents, Denise and Kevin Needham of Apex.

Instead, authorities say, Quets took the twins to Canada.

She was arrested there on charges of international parental kidnapping.

Source: WHNS Raleigh