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CAS Drives Mothers to Suicide

January 8, 2007 permalink

Canada Court Watch today discovered two mothers driven to suicide by children's aid. Their reports below follow the usual practice of withholding the names of the parties. Keeping the names secret allows children's aid to escape public accountability for its own wrongdoing. While Canada Court Watch cannot risk legal action, we hope other elements of the press can publish names in these cases.



Mother's diary shows abuse by courts and CAS prior to her taking her life!

(January 9, 2007) In follow up to a story of a young mother who killed herself, Court Watch has now had the opportunity to review the original copy of the young mother's diary and to speak to family members. Disturbing references abound in the diary about how the young mother felt tortured and abused by Ontario's CAS system prior to her death. Even when she knew she was sick from an intentional overdose of medication, she refused to go to the hospital to obtain help out of fear of what CAS would do to her if they found out. It appears that some parents are so afraid of CAS that they will refuse medical treatment even under the threat of dying, just so that CAS will not use this information to subject the parents to even more CAS abuse.

Court Watch will be conducting an investigative review into the circumstances surrounding this young mother's case to determine as to how the involvement of the CAS contributed to the tragic death of this young mother. It has already been learned that a number of unlicensed workers with CAS were involved in the case.

ANOTHER mother takes her own life because of Ontario's family courts and CAS!

(January 9, 2007) Court Watch has received yet another call today from a family who have disclosed that their daughter took her own life very recently as a result of relentless abuse by an Ontario CAS agency. The family have said that even the children blame CAS workers as the children themselves have seen their parents and their families relentlessly persecuted by the CAS in Ontario. Court Watch has written previous articles about the CAS agencies involved and has taken complaints directly from children regarding abuse by the CAS. Court Watch will be looking into the circumstances of this case as well.

In less than 24 hours, Court Watch has been contacted by families of two mothers who have taken their lives out of a sense of sheer frustration of being persecuted by CAS. CAS policies and procedures are literally driving loving mothers to their deaths, destroying families and robbing children of their mothers.

Source: Canada Court Watch