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Baby Held Hostage

February 12, 2007 permalink

A mother who could not afford her hospital bill had her baby held hostage for two months. The baby was returned only after the hospital was embarrassed by a story in the press. It is a good thing for the family that Serbia does not have confidentiality laws to protect the best interest of the child.



Either Pay Or No Baby

Hospital Kept Baby Hostage For Two Months

baby held hostage

Parents did not have 6,500 euro to pay for medical bills so the hospital decided to “imprison” the baby until they found the money.

Objavljeno: 09.02.2007. u 16:34h (February 9, 2007)

The Belgrade Neonatology Institute kept a baby “imprisoned” for nearly two months until the mother paid medical bills in the amount of around 6,500 euro, the Serbian Kurir daily writes.

During these two months, 20 year-old mother Senija Roganovic says they let her see the boy only once, and she was not even allowed to brest-feed him.

She gave birth on December 15, last year in Zemun, in the eight month of pregnancy. Because of preterm labor, the baby was transferred to the Belgrade Neonatology Institute. Her baby spent around ten days there, but when they came to take their little son on December 27, the hospital requested bill settlement for his release.

-As I had no insurance nor Serbian documents, because I am from Niksic in Montenegro, they requested I paid 500,000 dinar or otherwise, they will not give us the baby- Senija told the Kurir daily.

Senija told this to journalists two days ago and after yesterday’s media writings, the baby has been, finally, let go from the hospital.

When I heard I was getting my baby back, I slept normally for the first time. I dreamt of holding my baby- said the mother, who has been sedated for the past two months and lost 15 kilo from worrying.

Source: Croatia