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CAS Steals Girl

December 9, 2006 permalink

The following story is typical of CAS. The only thing unusual is that, owing to the scandal of the past week, the press is willing to print it.



Father has issues with CAS

Tb News Source
Web Posted: 12/5/2006 5:47:12 PM

While Children's Aid Societies were under scrutiny by the Ontario auditor general for irregular spending, a local father has his own complaint.

Doug Olsen says he has been in an ongoing battle with CAS since August 2005 over the custody of his six-year-old daughter.

Olsen says he has brought more then 27 issues forward, all of which he says, have been ignored. He says his daughter's safety is at stake, and Children's Aid is not honouring its mandate, which is to protect his child.

'' When she was born she had her human rights attached to her and for the CAS office in Thunder Bay, to strip rights from my daughter and subject her to verbal, physical, mental, and maybe sexual abuse is unforgivable. Why do they do it? and why are they doing it? ''

Olsen says he is in the process of organizing a group in the city called Justice for Fathers. He says he will continue the fight with CAS until his daughter is protected.

Source: Thunder Bay's Source