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CAS Worker Jailed

October 27, 2006 permalink

Former CAS worker and gun runner Sarah Villella (aka Sara) was sentenced to two years. Contrary to the view in the article, it appears that she was playing the part of a psychopath in both of her roles.



Sara Villella

Former CAS Worker Jailed For Two Years Over Weapons Convictions

Friday October 27, 2006

She was an honour student in school.

She was a drug counsellor who tried to steer at risk youth away from a dangerous habit. And she worked for the Children's Aid Society and lectured on the evils of crime.

So how could a woman who did so much good wind up doing so much wrong?

Sarah Villella stood in a Toronto courtroom Friday where many of her clients had once appeared. But unlike those cases, she was the prisoner. The 27-year-old was sentenced to two years in jail for helping to smuggle weapons to the Malvern Crew, a notorious local street gang.

Villella was convicted on 13 charges including smuggling guns through Windsor and the possession of prohibited weapons and marijuana. Her boyfriend was caught crossing the border with 23 guns. And while she appears to have led a double life, both sides of it came out at trial. The Crown accused her of being a greedy double dealer who never practiced what she preached.

But her lawyer disagrees. "She got in the with the wrong crowd and the rest is history," explains Randall Barrs. The court agreed and refused to impose the ten-year sentence the government wanted.

A judge ruled she'd simply got caught up with the wrong crowd and naively went along, but didn't have anything to do with the sale of the weapons. "I think it was a very fair sentence," Barrs contends. "(The judge) was as lenient as he could possibly be and I agreed with his findings totally. And I think the Crown's characterization, at the last appearance, of her as a 'merchant of death' was unfair, and obviously the judge agreed."

The Malvern Crew was raided in May 2004 and 65 suspected gang members were arrested. Some pleaded out early this year and are currently serving time behind bars. And now, in a tragic waste of so much promise, Villella will be joining them.

Source: citynews