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Mom Visits Maced Daughter

July 6, 2006 permalink

Last year we reported on the story of a girl maced in Oregon and returned to the custody of the State of Michigan. Our earlier reports are at:

In this case social workers followed standard procedure telling the separated family members that the other has no interest in seeing you. Here is the mother's edited account of how she overcame the obstacles.



July 6, 2006

Emily was kidnapped from Oregon eleven months ago and has been kept incommunicado all this time. Under penalty of jail I have been forbidden to communicate with her - and yet I have. For the first four months I abided by those "rules".

Then I got over it — and guess what — I never once went to jail.

Even before sending I informed all the Court and the attorneys and anyone I could think of I was sending the packages. Each week to 10 days I send a package of all kinds of things - now they can't say I don't support her (a biggie) and keep in contact (therefore relationship and interest) - I did send it through the agency office in charge of the supervisor NOT the caseworker and put tracking numbers on it. I did send notes but they were not long only telling her about things I included to share with friends or Bible verses and just "I love you - miss you" statements.

Many of the items were sent were of an educational and practical usage and were unique to Emily. Clothing was a biggie too. I also sent note cards and postage so she could write and mail me. Of course I had no idea if anything was ever being placed in Emily's hands or if she knew it was from me or not.

And of course the reports came that Emily did not WANT to write to me. All the reports stated Emily had no interest in me, was reluctant to see me, did not want to see me. Further while Emily was crying for me (finally acknowledged in Jan) the upshot was Emily needed to miss me more. The last few months reports was Emily was too terrified of me and emotionally fragile to even know we were in the same building.


Here is the rest of the story. EMILY BLEW THEM OUT OF THE WATER YESTERDAY!!!

We had a one hour supervised visit - needed to have 5 (yes five people) supervise - for one hour at the DHS agency office. In the background a worker was heard to say "you don't have to be afraid we are right here it is just a visit". Afraid!!! Emily led the parade into the room, came into my arms and hugged me. She just beamed. Lots of hugs and kisses and "i love you".

Emily (as well as I) came PREPARED to do things with me brought her own things to share with me and was already telling me what she was bringing "next time". Her final words were "See you next week Mom - I can't wait!".

Of course that LAW says weekly visits - and the judge said weekly but the caseworker said that would be "too hard" for the agency to accomplish.

Now I wonder how they are going to report this visit - Emily had a miracle "cure"???!!!!???

Thanks to all our Oregon friends that keep in touch and have been supportive.

Source: email from Lynnae Lake