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New Humiliation for Parents

July 22, 2006 permalink

Canada Court Watch reports that Canadian fathers are being subjected to the penile plethysmograph. According to Wikipedia the the developer, Kurt Freund, fled communist Czechoslovakia after the 1968 Prague Spring and settled at the Clarke Institute in Toronto. Use of the device entails attaching a sensor to the suspect's penis while he is subjected to varieties of erotic stimulation. The measured response is supposed to show his sexual inclinations.

This device is really a torture instrument, not through pain, but humiliation. A third of the subjects flat-line, showing no response at all. The promoters fail to take account that wiring the sex-organs to make a public record is in no way erotic.

For the ladies, the technology is at hand to provide comparable treatment, should the political winds shift that way.

Here is part of the Canada Court Watch story:



Are you a father who has been subjected to or is being requested to submit to a Penile Plethysmograph test?

(July 19, 2006) Court Watch has learned this week that some CAS agencies in Ontario are forcing fathers to subject themselves to the draconian Penile Plethysmograph tests in which fathers must have electrodes attached to their penis while they are shown graphic pictures of pornography including child pornography. Any arousal after seeing the pictures subjects the father to removal from his family and the labelling of him as a pedophile. Some fathers in Ontario are being sent to the CAS's own "penis doctors", who likely because of close ties to CAS agencies will come up with results which support what the CAS wants.

Source: Canada Court Watch