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Barrie Judge Targeted

August 26, 2006 permalink

On Friday, August 25, two dozen sympathizers of Canada Court Watch surrounded the Barrie Courthouse distributing leaflets to passersby. Many were dressed in distinctive white-on-black Canada Court Watch t-shirts, though the weather was more suited to sweaters.

The leaflets were, by title, Madame Justice Lydia Olah - Barrie's Judicial Tyrant and Do you know of a family being adversely affected by the Children's Aid Society.

A cameraman from Barrie's A-Channel filmed the leaflet distribution for a few minutes.

Courthouse security, at first friendly, turned hostile during the event, possibly a reaction from the powers-that-be within the courthouse. One woman in her seventies was denied access to the courthouse washroom on the grounds that her t-shirt made her a gang member. A man handing out leaflets was approached by bylaw enforcement officer N Heels. He claimed that leaflet distributors were interfering with pedestrian traffic and that putting leaflets on the windshields of parked cars was illegal, subjecting violators to a $180 fine. No citations were issued.