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Return of Fathers-4-Justice

May 20, 2006 permalink

Fathers-4-Justice is back in operation. After its disbanding, there was much exposure of faults within the organization. It appears that the problems have been corrected.



20 May 2006 8.00pm

Breaking News: Fathers Storm TV Lotto Show

Disbanded campaign group Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) tonight confirmed that activists from the group were responsible for storming the set of the BBC's National Lottery Jet Set Programme live on air this evening.

Protestors wore "Family Law Lotto — Next Time it Could Be You" T-Shirts and held up placards as security wrestled them to the ground in front of a studio audience. The six activists included the partner of F4J founder Matt O'Connor.

F4J is re-launching after a five-month cessation in its campaign. The group was disbanded in January when an extremist fringe were accused of plotting to kidnap the Prime Ministers. Tonight's protest marked the second anniversary of the Powder Bomb attack on the Prime Minister in the House of Commons and the resumption of a dramatic new high profile campaign.

The group say that future protests will use 'agitprop' tactics at high profile events and subversion of live TV as well as pranks and hoaxes to raise public awareness about the continuing crisis in family law.

F4J spokesman and activist Guy Harrison, who in 2004 threw condoms filled with self raising flour at the PM said, "tonight marks the dramatic return of Fathers 4 Justice. The lottery is a metaphor for what can happen to any parent, mother or father, and their children, at the hands of the secret family courts. It's our duty to warn parents about what is happening and send them this message: don't play family law lotto — don't gamble with your kids."

F4J say that the organisation has been radically re-structured and that it's founder Matt O'Connor is considering delaying the launch of his new civil liberties group Agents For Change to re-focus on the campaign for open courts and equal parenting. The change of heart is attributed to his partner's situation, the second such time in four years O'Connor has had first hand experience of the family court injustice.


For further information please contact:

Matt O'Connor (Media Advisor): 07795 341 110
Guy Harrison: 07801 010 410
Michael Cox: 07884 260 656
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